The Hot Sauce Brand Snoop Dogg Swears By

Snoop Dogg may like herbs, but apparently he's a pretty big fan of spices, too. Ever since celebrity chef Martha Stewart introduced him to the world of domestic cooking, he's been sharing his own recipes; and besides co-hosting a show with Martha Stewart, he even released a cookbook, "From Crook to Cook," in 2018 (via Esquire).

Though Snoop Dogg's recipes aren't exactly gourmet, there's no shortage of seasoning and spice in each one. In a vlog on his YouTube channel, Snoop Dogg shows that he can make hot wings taste good with only three ingredients — chicken wings, crushed up pepper, and Barbecue Lays chips. It might not sound like much, but it certainly packs in the flavor — no sauce necessary. 

That doesn't mean, however, that Snoop Dogg doesn't like to use hot sauce. If he wants to take the heat to the next level, with chicken wings or anything else, Snoop Dogg explains in his cookbook that he typically uses Louisiana brand Crystal hot sauce (via Quartz).

Snoop Dogg always has multiple hot sauces at hand

Snoop Dogg keeps it simple when it comes to stocking his kitchen. You won't find any trendy ingredients like truffle oil or Everything But The Bagel seasoning. He describes himself as "not being the most adventurous, Anthony Bourdain-type when it comes to grub," but he never skimps on the hot sauce (via Google Books). "Hot sauce has gotta be the most essential," Snoop Dogg writes in "From Crook to Cook." "Now everybody's got their favorite brand, but Tha Dogg's got a thing for Crystal. That's Louisiana's finest right there!"

In addition to Crystal, Snoop Dogg also keeps Frank's Red Hot in his cupboard, and in his fridge, Tabasco, Tapatio, and Cholula. "A splash of that goes with anything — you can put it in a sandwich, on some chicken, on top of a pizza," he explains in his cookbook on his affinity for hot sauce. "Whatever you add it to, it's gonna kick it up a notch."