Martha & Snoop's Best On-Screen Moments

"Just to clarify, I'm not high right now, but whoever gave us this show, they must've been," Snoop Dogg says in the trailer for Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party.

And so it began. On November 7, 2016, VH1 premiered its seemingly unexpected pairing of Snoop Dogg, West Coast rapper, movie star, and cannabis line owner (via Biography), and Martha Stewart, native East Coaster, Emmy-Award-winning, let's-not-pretend-she's not-kinda-intimidating lifestyle expert. With the premise being that each week, this duo would come together to prepare a dinner party for their respective celebrity friends, Martha & Snoop never failed to deliver its promise of offering a "half-baked" foray into cooking, friendship, and comedy for three hilarious seasons (via VH1).

"My homegirl, Martha and I have a special bond that goes back," Snoop said in a statement. And therein lies the magic. Turns out, although this pair is as different as night and day, Martha and Snoop have so much on-screen chemistry. So let's get into the best Martha and Snoop moments from the show.

That time Martha confessed to slipping a chicken some vodka

In the series premiere of VH1's Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party, Seth Rogen and Wiz Khalifa pay a hilarious visit to the hosts, who, at this juncture, we'd like to remind you have this in common: they're both ex-cons. After cocktails, the four split up into teams of two, with Seth and Martha on one side, and Snoop and Wiz K on the other, started to prepare competing trays of fried chicken. But before Martha can get very far into rhapsodizing about the "fresh-killed, beautiful" chicken she got from "the farm down the road," as one does if one is Martha Stewart, Seth jumps in to ask, "You ever killed a chicken yourself?"

Going with the flow, Martha says, "Yes, I have." As the other three groan, Martha turns toward the camera to offer what may well be the most priceless "sorry, not sorry" face ever seen on television.

"How'd you do it? You shoot it?" Seth asks.

"You wrung his neck?" Snoop suggests.

"I fed it some vodka, and then I cut off its head." This is from Martha, of course.

"Martha, come on man!" Snoop protests.

"If Martha starts giving you vodka, look out," Seth replies, not missing a beat.

That time when Snoop called Martha out for playing two truths and a lie wrong

Was Season 2, episode 5 of Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party really so far removed in time from Season 1, episode 1 that Snoop could actually forget that moment when Martha admitted to giving chickens vodka? Apparently, it was, because when Snoop and Martha played "two truths and a lie" with their dinner guests, Wendy Williams and Post Malone, Martha used "I know how to put chickens to sleep" as one of her truths. (Well, technically, it's her only truth, which violates the rules ... therefore revealing that Martha's drunk, as Snoop points out.)

"Like, sleep? Or death?" Post questions, looking vaguely — albeit hilariously — uncomfortable.

"You wring their neck, right?" Wendy Williams asks, not looking the slightest bit uncomfortable as she pretends to twirl a lasso.

Martha's other two claims, both of which turn out to be lies, are that she likes to turn her car's headlights off while driving late at night when no one else is on the road and that she uses "breakfast cereal and honey" as her go-to 4:00 a.m. facial concoction. Honestly, we were kind of disappointed this last bit wasn't true, because who wouldn't want to know which breakfast cereal is best for keeping skin young and smooth? 

That time when Martha gave Snoop a special birthday present

Remember that awkward moment when you first introduced your significant other to your parents? Well, putting aside the fact that Snoop and Martha are just friends, we think that just might be exactly how Snoop felt after introducing his mother to Martha for the first time on the first episode of Season 2 of Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party. It's Snoop's birthday, and Martha turns up well-prepared with a cake, her favorite birthday cocktail (white sangria, which Snoop helps her make), and ... a present. And therein lies the merriment.

"My birthdays were nice until my mother adopted my cousin," Snoop confesses to Martha. "His birthday was the exact same day as mine."

After groaning in solidarity at the outrage of Snoop being made to share his birthday, Martha asks, "Was there a gift you always wanted as a kid that you could never get?"

And of course there was. Poor Snoop, who was relegated to splitting birthdays with his cousin, never got a ColecoVision, a video game console that debuted in 1982. However, as one might expect, Martha has one all wrapped up and ready just for Snoop. And how does Snoop's mom react? As the camera reveals, she's gracious and enthusiastically applauds the moment.

That time when Snoop reminisced about his first marijuana experience

Now, just to be clear, neither Snoop nor Martha actually mention "marijuana" in this moment from Season 3, episode 1. Rather, Martha asks Snoop to tell her about the first time he ever "smoked ... the green stuff."

But given Snoop's maturity and wealth of experience, it seems only fair that he pauses for a moment to calculate whether in telling the story he's about to tell, he might unwittingly expose his uncle to legal consequences. You see, said uncle and his buddies had been playing cards or dominoes, or whatever (Snoop can't remember precisely), and at some point, all the adults left the room — leaving behind a still-lit joint burning in an ashtray on the table.

"They had a little roach clip ... and it was still lit, and I hit it one time," Snoop rhapsodizes, pantomiming that first fateful hit. For what it's worth, the year was sometime in the '70s. "From that day forward, Martha," Snoop continues, now full-on acting out the distinctive speaking-while-inhaling thing, "I knew that this was my destiny."

'"Right away? ... You were addicted immediately?" That's Martha, of course. But Snoop disagrees. It's not addiction so much as, well, a superpower, he implies, comparing that first hazy moment to the moment "when Spiderman got bit by that spider, and then he turned into Spiderman."

That time when Snoop and Martha channeled that pottery scene from Ghost

In an epic shoutout to the undeniable chemistry between Snoop and Martha, the trailer for Season 2 of Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party has Martha and Snoop recreating the iconic scene from the multiple-award winning 1990 film, Ghost, in which Patrick Swayze's character, Sam Wheat, comes up from behind Demi Moore's character, Molly Jensen, while Molly's working away at her pottery wheel, and together the two make beautiful ... um ... pottery together, all to the romantic stylings of The Righteous Brothers' Unchained Melody.

The difference is that it's not pottery that Snoop and Martha's hands are sliding and gliding over — but rather, a chocolate cake. And it gets very, very messy, as in, messier than pottery. Oh yeah, and it's Martha, looking gorgeous in a pristine white blouse, and Snoop, rocking a white tank top and zebra-striped do-rag.

That time when Snoop ate an eyeball and Martha talked about slurping noodles

In this deleted scene from Season 2, episode 14 of Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party, Martha introduces Snoop to the pleasures of eating lychee, a delectably sweet fruit that's about the size of a cherry tomato and covered in a spiny red shell. It's tough to believe that Snoop had never tried a lychee before, considering lychees are so ubiquitous as a vodka-martini garnish. Martha even makes a show of reminding Snoop not to swallow the pit (although what makes a lychee potentially dangerous has nothing to do with the seed). Martha also goes on to describe standing on a chair to slurp six-foot-long noodles while visiting China. Oh, and Snoop references a little place he used to go. He calls it "Sum Yung Dum Ho." Seriously — he actually says that in this deleted scene.

That time when Martha gave Tank an ugly sweater

Yes, of course there's a reason why we put "ugly sweater" in quotes. That's because there was no sweater involved at all in this icebreaker moment from Season 3, episode 8 of Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party, in which Snoop and Martha's guests are R&B singer (and if we're being honest, straight-up hottie), Tank, and Paris Hilton.

In this brief, post-cocktail, pre-dinner interlude, Snoop, Martha, Tank, and Paris divide up into two teams, with one person from each in charge of creating the ugliest Christmas sweater imaginable for their teammate. Martha is partnered up with Tank, who makes it clear right from the very beginning that there would be no ugly sweater wearing. Martha, being the good sport she is, rolls with it, gleefully adorning Tank's bare chest with ugly Christmas paraphernalia while cooing comments such as, "That looks nice," and, "You have nice skin."

And in case you're wondering, Paris Hilton does, in fact, remark, "That's hot."

That time when Snoop and Martha passed around blunt ... questions

During Season 3, episode 1 of Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party, Snoop presents to his dinner companions, Martha, Isla Fisher, Matthew McConaughey, and Method Man, a platter piled high with what appears to be giant cigars and announces that it's time to play a little game called "blunt" questions. So, what's in those giant "cigars?" Why, questions, of course — and blunt ones at that.

The first "blunt question" tries to illuminate which of the table mates are members of the mile-high club. Only Matthew admits to that one, although Method Man admits that he's always wanted to try it. The next question is, "Who is someone you're not talking to, but stalking on social media?" Before Snoop could even finish articulating the question, Martha's already answering.

"Rachael Ray," she says, looking vaguely embarrassed. What does not seem to embarrass Martha is the answer Method Man offers on her behalf in response to the question, "What's the most embarrassing thing you've ever done during sex?" 

"Look here homey," Method Man says while holding up his wrist as if looking at his watch. "I got a pot roast in the oven. You gotta wrap this up."

That time when Snoop reviewed the top worst Halloween treats

"Sometimes when you trick or treat, you run into those houses that give you bad treats ... treats that deserve a trick," Snoop says on a deleted scene of Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party's Season 2 Halloween episode. Dressed up as "DJ Spookadelic," Snoop proceeds to present a list of the five worst treats that people actually give out on Halloween.

Number five? Pennies, because "there's always a house in the neighborhood who's too lazy to hit the coin machine at the supermarket, and they give you all they damn pennies."

Number four? "A cookie. Unless you're Martha Stewart, don't give out anything baked. And if you do, save yourself some time and just throw 'em in the garbage, 'cause that's what the kids gonna do."

Number three is raisins, because according to Snoop, "What kind of sick fool gives kids raisins on Halloween? ... Here, kids! This gets stuck in your teeth like candy, it just doesn't taste as good." 

Number two is an apple, because Snoop says, "If you givin' out an apple, what the hell man. What, you ran out of raisins?"

And for number one, Snoop calls out black licorice, saying, "I'm offended that something with black in the title could taste so awful ... I can't stand it. I don't want no parts of black licorice, black jelly beans."

"I give out black licorice," Martha protests.

"Black lives matter," Snoop replies. "But black licorice doesn't."

That time when Martha challenged Snoop to an epic wrap battle

In a spooktacular moment from the Season 2 Halloween episode of Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party, Martha challenges Snoop to what certainly sounds like a "rap" battle. "I've been waiting all year for this," she says coyly to Snoop, whose predictable but nonetheless hilarious response is, "You don't understand, Martha, I really do this. I do this for real."

But when Snoop grabs a microphone, Martha protests. "You misunderstand. Wrap with a 'W' ... not with an 'R.' We're wrapping ... with ... toilet paper."

And so they do. Two volunteers from the audience come up to the stage in costume. They proceed to allow Snoop and Martha, with assists by guests, actress Tichina Arnold and former "Ross the Intern" of The Tonight Show fame, Ross Matthews, respectively, wrap them up from head to toe in toilet paper for Halloween. As awesome as it is to watch Martha Stewart perform her version of Halloween trickery, the best moment is when the show's DJ, Fredwreck Kassar, declares everyone winners — much to the surprisingly competitive Tichina Arnold's consternation.

That time when Snoop learned about the birds and the bees from Octavia Spencer

In honor of Mother's Day, Season 3, episode 2 of Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party involves Snoop and Martha hosting a game of "ma-mosa" with their guests, Fergie, Octavia Spencer, and Rumer Willis, in which Snoop passes around champagne in flutes with little notes attached to the stems. Each note contains a mom-related "prompt" intended to elicit some sort of revelation from its holder. It doesn't quite go like that, however — at least not with the first prompt, which comes from Octavia's flute and reads as follows: "Little Snoop wants to know where babies come from. In your best mom voice, tell him all about the birds and the bees."

Snoop gets right into character, high-pitched baby voice and all: "What am I supposed to do? All of my friends are making fun of me because I don't know what the birds and the bees are."

"You know how much you like regular M&Ms and peanut M&Ms? It's kind of like that," replies Octavia, struggling to maintain a straight face.

"The peanuts?" asks "Little" Snoop, apparently as confused as the rest of us.

"It becomes a peanut M&M," Octavia confirms — nonsensically and yet making total sense — before taking a sip of her champagne.

That time when Rick Ross made Martha blush

Model and television presenter Ashley Graham and rapper and record executive Rick Ross stop by the Snoop and Martha kitchen in Season 1, episode 2 of Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party. Along with some cocktails, dinner, and candid conversation, things grow a bit "heated" between Martha and Rick, to the point where one might wonder whether Snoop's left feeling a bit jealous. The whole thing starts after Snoop compliments Ashley for being a beautiful role model (via YouTube). Acknowledging Ashley's beauty, Rick nevertheless proceeds to "make some noise for Martha. Because baby got back."

Martha proceeds to inform Rick that she knows how to take care of her man. Not losing a beat, Rick ups the ante, telling Martha, "I have a hundred-room mansion that I need you in." 

"You're raising my temperature," Martha tells him. It's hilariously unclear as to whether Rick's propositioning Martha versus asking her to sign on as his interior decorator. Things only get funnier when later in the episode, Martha teases Rick that her husbands are "probably" richer than he is (via YouTube).

As Rick protests, Martha keeps it coming. "What size is your ... boat?" she asks, to which Rick responds, "Which one?"

Even Snoop looks embarrassed. But wasn't that the point?