Duff Goldman Says This Is What Will Happen If You Bake A Cake In Space

There are so many exciting things happening in the world of space travel, but for the foodies of the world, the most exciting part might be the evolution of food in space. The first civilians took a jaunt to space recently, and even NASA reached out to the public earlier in March of 2021 to help find a better solution to keeping food fresh for longer as missions to Mars require more time (via NPR). Alton Brown loved the idea and even stepped in to work on a solution himself.

Though many space fanatics love seeing any details of daily life in space, the latest facet of intrigue is what cooking and baking would be like in space. It all started when Duff Goldman retweeted The Takeout about NASA hosting a "Chopped" like episode of food in space. Goldman said, "I wonder what @TheTedAllen thinks of this." Naturally, Ted Allen was all in.

This is how the cake would turn out

Allen responded to Goldman's tweet writing, "I LOVE it, of course! Is there video?!" That's when the famous chef dropped a fascinating piece of information about what it would be like to bake in space. Goldman tweeted Allen back saying, "​​Just an FYI, if you try to bake a cake in space, it will be a perfect sphere due to the surface tension of the cake batter and the zero gravity thing. I've thought alot about this." Naturally, other Twitter users had questions. One person pondered how a cake would bake into a sphere if it wouldn't stay inside a five-sided, open cake pan. They assumed the cake would naturally form a sphere while floating inside an oven.

Regardless of the details, Allen was quick to respond with a hysterical answer. He said, "A thing I did not know,@DuffGoldman! Will remember, next time I'm in space." With the increased rate of celebrities and civilians going to space, maybe Allen will make it there. Then he could certainly test this theory out and answer everyone's questions. Until then, you'll just have to take Goldman's word for it.