Bobby Flay Doesn't Want Fans To Miss This New Bobby's Burgers Sandwich

Many Food Network fans likely recognize chef Bobby Flay from his role on the long-running "Beat Bobby Flay" or as a judge on popular competition shows such as "Chopped" and "The Next Food Network Star," and that's just to name a few of the television shows he's appeared on over the years (via IMDb). However, Flay is also heavily involved in the culinary world as a restaurateur with several different eateries under his belt — including Bobby's Burgers, which serves up casual fare like burgers and shakes (via the website). Note that it's not to be confused with Bobby's Burger Palace, another one of his restaurants, according to the site. It seems the man knows his way around a good burger!

Bobby's Burgers has two locations, including one in Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, and that's the one Flay visited in order to film a short video clip to share on his Instagram page to hype up a new item on the menu. While the burger spot obviously has several different variations of beef burgers, there was just one option under the "Sandwich" category, a veggie burger, until now. That BBQ mushroom-topped veggie burger has been joined by a new fried chicken sandwich that Flay wants to make sure you don't miss.

He began the clip from the perspective of someone just walking through an illuminated Caesars Palace and sidling up to Bobby's Burgers in the food hall, all set to the soundtrack of Beyoncé's hit "Upgrade U."

Bobby's Burgers' new fried chicken sandwich

In his Instagram video, Flay picked up an order that included the new fried chicken sandwich, as well as some fries, dipping sauce, and a milkshake, of course. He settled in at a table in the food hall so that he was able to really show off the new sandwich, opening the package and allowing the camera to zoom in so fans could see what they might expect. According to the Bobby's Burgers' menu, the fried chicken patty is topped with some aji amarillo mayo, pickles, and slaw, for a simple yet delectable dish that should have all fried chicken fans rushing to give it a shot.

One follower approved of the minimalist yet flavorful toppings, commenting that "the pickles are so important." Another was getting ready for an impromptu vacation to sample the fried chicken masterpiece, tagging a friend and writing, "We going to Vegas for this?" Flay even got some attention from a fellow Food Network star, with Sunny Anderson leaving a comment that just contained a string of flame emoji, suggesting she fully approved of the new addition to the Bobby's Burgers menu.

For those who are interested in visiting a Bobby's Burgers location in the future, the chef also made sure to add to the caption of the Instagram share that there are two additional Vegas locations "in the works" at Harrah's and Paris Vegas.