Padma Lakshmi's Adorable Birthday Message To Jesse Tyler Ferguson

Padma Lakshmi and Jesse Tyler Ferguson might seem like an odd pairing at first. Red-headed Ferguson is best known for playing the nervous and sarcastic Mitchell Pritchett in the long-running sitcom "Modern Family." Lakshmi is a former model from India with a reputation for brutal honesty as host and judge on "Top Chef" (via The Daily Beast). Lakshmi and Ferguson do have a few things in common, however, including their support for progressive causes. Lakshmi is an outspoken champion of gender equality. Ferguson and his husband fought for marriage equality through their organization Tie The Knot, which just expanded its mission and changed its name to Pronoun, according to Advocate. The bond between the two of them is so strong, Lakshmi and Ferguson even shared a bath (remotely) after a women's rights march (via Instagram).

So it comes as no surprise that Lakshmi offered Ferguson a sweet birthday message October 22 on Twitter. In the accompanying photo, the two are embracing while facing the camera. Lakshmi's words sort of said it all: "Happy birthday to the ginger to my chai!"

Padma Lakshmi sometimes stays at Jesse Tyler Ferguson's house when she's in L.A.

Padma Lakshmi and Jesse Tyler Ferguson are such good friends, it seems as if they'll make any excuse to hang out (although, like that recent bath, much of it is virtual these days). Ferguson recently tagged along on Lakshmi's tour promoting her new children's book "Tomatoes for Neela," in a virtual event called "Padma Lakshmi in Conversation with Jesse Tyler Ferguson" (via Eventbrite). Maybe Ferguson took the opportunity to plug his new cookbook, "Food Between Friends" with Julie Tanous (via Variety).

Lakshmi, who lives in New York, has also been known to drop by Ferguson's house for extended visits when she's in Los Angeles, according to Artful Living. To Ferguson's sheer delight, the two even cooked together when Lakshmi was staying with Ferguson for a recent season finale of "Top Chef." Apparently, Lakshmi might deserve some credit for the cooking skill Ferguson flexed in his cookbook.

"At first, I was wildly intimidated to be in the kitchen with her, but she immediately put me at ease," Ferguson told Artful Living. "I actually became a more confident cook after working alongside her."