Instagram Is Loving This Buddy Valastro And Gene Simmons Meetup

Recently, Buddy Valastro uploaded to Instagram a picture of himself and his son Buddy Jr. meeting the one and only Gene Simmons, bassist of Kiss. "Rock on," Valastro wrote in the post, explaining that he and his son had swung by Las Vegas' Animazing Gallery to check out paintings from Simmons' debut exhibition that ran from October 21 through 23, per the gallery's official website. "His artwork sings with passion!" Valastro added.

The meeting of the two legends excited many people. As of publication, more than 38,000 people have liked the post and left many comments. "Absolutely stunning," one person gushed, presumably of the artworks. Another stated, "My favorite cake artist and my favorite rock star together!!! You want the best and you got the best!!" And one observant commenter even noticed, "And you even collaborated on your outfits!" Most, however, were awed beyond the realms of worded expression, opting instead for scores of emojis with clapping hands, hearts, and, of course, devil horns.

Anyone interested in perusing the works of art Buddy Valastro would have seen at Gene Simmons' show can check them out on Animazing Gallery's website. If you are extra-enthused by what you see and happen to have some extra cash, you can make inquiries into purchasing some of the works as well.

Gene Simmons rediscovered his adolescent passion for painting during the pandemic

Even though this was his first real art show, Gene Simmons has been painting for over fifty years, he explained to Rolling Stone. He told the outlet that during his early years as a non-English speaking immigrant to the United States, he fell in love with comic books. So, he began drawing and submitted his work to various fanzines throughout his teenage years.

"With the Kiss End of the Road Tour taking a pause during the pandemic," he continued, "I had a chance to pull decades of my art out of storage and it reignited my passion for drawing and painting again." As a quick glance through his work reveals, Gene Simmons found his greatest influences in Andy Warhol and Jackson Pollock.

With CNN, Simmons further detailed the idyllic-sounding scene of his return to the craft. While quarantining with his family during the pandemic, the rocker just painted whatever and however he felt. Perhaps that was the passion that stirred Buddy Valastro to check it out — and who knows, maybe he has inspiration now for a new cake? We'll have to wait and see.