Alton Brown's Funny Post About His Philadelphia Show Is Getting Brotherly Love

Some of our favourite chefs are born entertainers, and when we say "some" we're talking about celeb chefs like Alton Brown who, as fans know, goes on tour as part of his live performance, "Beyond the Eats" where he promises "comedy, cooking, music, and mayhem" (via YouTube). As he put it to ABC, the show is an opportunity for him to do "all the stuff no one will let me do on TV: comedy, music, and very unusual culinary demonstrations. And this year we're adding a live game show to the mix."

Alton also told ABC that he was looking forward to performing in Philadelphia — he was so excited in fact, that he went on Instagram to show social media followers what he said was the line for people entering his show. "Wow, Philadelphia," he said as he kept his camera on himself. "I'm playing tonight here at the Merriam Theatre... there's a line, its 7:04, it's an hour from showtime. Look," he says pointing to the crowd behind him. "I can't believe how much love we're getting in Philly. It's fantastic!" he exclaims, before a voice off camera chides him, saying that the crowds were for "Hamilton" the musical. Brown looks visibly shocked and disappointed before the camera stops rolling. 

Alton Brown is a stage veteran

The famous chef captioned his Instagram video, "Well...that's embarrassing" and hashtagged both his own show and "Hamilton," which fans seemed to love. "A hour before show time and he decides to go outside to do a bit. A true entertainer right there," raved one social media user. He even received what could have been an unexpected endorsement from a fan who said, "Saw the show in Boston last night. Was so good I might come see you in New Hampshire."

The performance is billed as a "live culinary variety show" where fans are promised "more cooking, more comedy, more music and more potentially dangerous science stuff." It's also interactive, but Brown says there is an unnamed risk involved in putting your hand up and becoming a volunteer (via DeVos Performance Hall). The food personality has performed in live shows in the past — in 2014, The New York Times said he did about 140 performances a year, which play up to his skills not just as a skilled chef, but also an entertainer.