Paula Deen's Son Shared A Pancake Recipe That Solves A Relatable Problem

Reviewed counts pancakes as No. 4 in a list of the top 10 breakfast foods in the U.S. From sweet to savory, jiggly to original, they've captured the hearts of many a brunch fan. But they can be notoriously tricky to make, too. Owing to mistakes like using unsavory ingredients like chemically bleached flour and old baking soda, your pancakes' quality can suffer in unappetizing and disappointing ways like flat texture.

According to Fab Flour, another big bad result of improperly made pancakes includes pancakes coming out soggy as a result of being undercooked or not using enough fat. Now it would be easy to solve all of your pancake problems with a sheet pan pancake, so they all bake at the same consistency. However, Paula Deen's son has another interesting fix for your pancake problems, particularly for those who have trouble getting them all finished, so everyone can eat together.

The new and improved pan-'cake'

In addition to his note about how to ensure you have some fresh pecans by freezing them, Jamie Deen has a quick solve for your pancake making troubles when whipping them up for a crowd. While he does recommend an animal mold for those entertaining kids, he has an even better solve for adults, namely Souffléed Pumpkin Pancakes. 

Paula Deen posted a video on her Instagram page in which Jamie walks viewers through the process of making her Souffléed Pumpkin Pancake, which is basically a pancake cake that can then be sliced for guests instead of stacked and only needs one round in the pan rather than rounds of batter. After whipping up the batter and baking in a skillet, Jamie covers it in powdered sugar before digging in and confirming what fans already know, that it is good! So next time you're cooking for guests, give this group friendly recipe a try.