Chipotle Employees Reveal The Most Annoying Things Customers Do

No matter where you dine, there are often unspoken rules of how guests should act. Of course, there are always some customers who don't follow these understood guidelines, and on Reddit, Chipotle employees are speaking out about some of their biggest pet peeves.

It all started when a Chipotle employee posted a thread on Reddit asking, "What's something that's considered common sense at Chipotle that customers ... just don't get?" The question was posed on October 25, 2021, and Chipotle employees quickly began to respond with their most hated customer habits. While some peeves were simple — such as when people "order side tortillas at the beginning" — others were far more detailed. One of the earliest complaints in the thread was about people who don't have common sense about over-ordering. The Chipotle employee wrote, "I've had customers order big a** burritos to the point where I can barely wrap them, only to come back seconds later with a fallen apart burrito in their hands complaining how I didn't wrap it right. Like, if you wouldn't have taken the entire burrito out of the foils, it would have held its shape."

Obviously, those who work at Chipotle and are dealing with order after order and know what's most efficient. So, if you've done or consistently do any of these annoying things, you might want to switch up your practices.

These are the most hated habits

Another issue raised in the Reddit thread is a little more complex and might not be quite so obvious to customers that are unfamiliar with Chipotle's mobile ordering system. "If we're out on the line, we're not allowed to take from the DML [digital make line]. Prepaid takes full priority over not paid at all," one employee wrote. "Like this guy couldn't get it through his head that he wasn't getting any mild. We had none left in the store, and DML only had the one pan and a ton of orders. Threw a fit like a child," they added.

But one of the biggest issues remains related to timing. One employee wrote, "Order all orders at once and not finish one and start another. I've had it just a few times that I'm finishing rolling their burrito and then say, 'Okay, next I'd like a bowl,' and it's like, why did you wait?!" Another user said, "'Can I add fajita veggies while I'm asking if they'd like cheese lettuce or guac. 'OH! Can I get a vinaigrette and a tortilla on the side' at cash." So, make sure you ask for things at a logical point on the line.