Duff Goldman Has Fans Impressed With This Handmade Baby Block Set

When it comes to celebrity chefs known for their super skills in a particular domain, it can be easy to forget that their talents extend beyond their specialty. Duff Goldman, for example, is a regular on television known for judging baking competitions and creating stunning desserts at his bakery, Charm City Cakes, per Food Network. Goldman doesn't spend all of his time in the kitchen, however: He is also quite the artist and enjoys making graffiti art and metal sculptures.

Given the detailed nature of pastry craftsmanship, the chef's artistic streak doesn't come as such a surprise. Nonetheless, his fans were amazed by his recent Instagram post in which he showed off his latest project: hand-painted blocks. Earlier this year, Goldman and his wife welcomed baby Josephine into their family, and her arrival seems to have brought her father plenty of inspiration. To help his daughter get a grasp on shapes and letters, the pastry chef is making an entire set of alphabet blocks.

What fans think about Goldman's latest art project

Goldman's set of wooden blocks are all individually crafted and painted with the letters of the alphabet, as well as a picture of something starting with the corresponding letter. The example above shows a cute dinosaur eating branches from a tree to help Josephine remember the letter D. Based on the other photos in Goldman's Instagram post, he's still at work on the other blocks. "It's a process but they're gonna be really cool," he wrote in the caption.

Fans of Goldman are definitely impressed, as evidenced by their enthusiastic comments on his picture series. User @ysurjan expressed what most viewers are surely thinking: "What a wonderful dad." Another commenter offered the suggestion, "Make sure you seal them at the end so they don't chip." And of course, fellow celebrity chefs Alex Guarnaschelli and Bryan Voltaggio chimed in with emoji-filled praise, calling the blocks "beyond" and "awesome." Overall, it's clear that by sharing his creative endeavors outside of the kitchen, Goldman allows his fans to get a better sense of his life.