Aldi Fans Are Divided On This Dark Chocolate Blueberry Acai Snack

Do you love shopping at German-imported budget supermarket chain Aldi? We know we sure do, hitting up the 2,000-U.S.-locations-strong chain for all our grocery needs (via Aldi). Sure, Aldi has its quirks: locked-up shopping carts that you need to deposit a quarter to use, somewhat disorganized shopping displays, and generic versions of brand-name foods that might make it hard for you to recognize your favorite items.

But even though there might be some learning curves to shopping at Aldi, there are still so many things to love about this store, including its tantalizing selection of desserts and sweet treats ranging from seven-layer bars to frozen cheesecake. Aldi is also known for its addictive milk chocolate peanut butter cups — a candy so popular it often sells out. But one Redditor thinks they've found another chocolate item even more delicious than those PB cups: dark chocolate balls with a soft blueberry-açaí filling.

Some people like them -- and others don't

Over on the subreddit r/Aldi, where shoppers gather to discuss product hits and misses, user frigoffrachel posted a hearty thumbs-up of the store's Dark Chocolate Blueberry Açaí snack, writing, "I know these are fighting words...but I prefer these to the pb cups," they wrote, adding that the snacks were "So good frozen!"

Balls of dark chocolate stuffed with a soft blueberry-açaí filling sound absolutely delicious — but not all commenters on the post were into them. "I disagree, I don't like these at all compared to the real things," dizzyinmyhead wrote, referring to the name brand put out by Brookside Dark Chocolate.

But lots of commenters agreed with the OP. "These are too good! I had to refrain from getting them last Aldi trip," wrote thethingsIam. "They are bomb!" added baileycoraline.

Some commenters also suggested how to get the most out of the chocolates, apart from freezing them. "Eat them with the PB cups, tastes like PB&J!" Chickenfat67 shared. Now that's an idea we can get behind.