Martha Stewart Has Fans Cracking Up With This Lawnmower Announcement

Everyone that has watched television or streamed something with commercials has seen at least one celebrity endorsement. Dr. Pepper alone has seen ads containing ambassadors like Jesse Eisenberg, Fergie, Macklemore, and Pitbull. Likewise, many celebs back brands themselves, also acting as the face to those companies — like alcohol brand Aviation Gin and Ryan Reynolds. Some celebs even represent some pretty odd stuff, like Kim Kardashian who participated in a public relations stunt for Charmin in 2010, and Ozzy Osbourne who somehow ended up representing I Can't Believe it's Not Butter (via The Richest). 

And although endorsements on television were once the big thing to do, at least 75% of marketers are now spending their money on endorsements on social media to help spread the word via celeb power (via Search Engine Journal). McDonald's teamed up with Travis Scott over social media in 2020 and earned about $20 million from the deal. So when you see unusual celeb endorsements and callouts, it tends to be understandable — including this recent post from Martha Stewart, who has always been pretty eccentric in her own right.

Free spirit finds a lawnmower

Martha Stewart is no stranger to odd behavior. InStyle shared odd videos Stewart has posted of her bathing her cat, whose name, Empress Tang, should in and of itself strike a cord of bewilderment. And her recent posts are no less so. The domestic icon recently took to Instagram to post a video of what seems to be a subtle ad with herself on a new lawnmower, which also seems like a low-key workout device. In the video, Stewart is bouncing up and down in the seat and playing with the handles while the mower stays dormant.

She notes that the mower is a Kubota USA 360 mower with a vacuum bag attachment, and also points out her outfit is from Lululemon. And fans are just loving it. One user commented, "You bouncing on this tractor is the best thing on the internet today. We don't deserve you!" And another follower added, "Welp I've seen everything I need to see in the internet today see everyone tomorrow." If nothing else, this video sure put a smile on people's faces.