Fans Are In Love With This Pic Of Duff Goldman's Daughter Eating Her First Strawberry

When a parent gives a child a new food for the first time, the response can vary. Sometimes the face shows pure joy and the desire to devour the next bite. Other times, the reaction is "America's Funniest Home Videos" worthy, with the food quickly being spit out of the mouth with a look of utter disdain. 

Duff Goldman is now becoming very familiar with this routine. The baker has been letting his fans in on his new parenting journey, documenting a number of his daughter Josephine's first encounters with food. Goldman's daughter has played with Bamba Peanut Butter Puffs (via Instagram) and posed in a pumpkin patch (via Instagram). Goldman's latest Instagram post shared his daughter's first experience eating a strawberry. 

Although babies can have strawberries starting around six months (via What to Expect), this particular strawberry wasn't the same as the packages that most people purchase at the grocery store and hand off to their kids. Even Goldman admitted that he might have ruined strawberries forever for his daughter. That's because he introduced his daughter to none other than an Oishii Berry.

What makes an Omakase berry special?

Duff Goldman shared that Josephine's first strawberry was an Oishii Berry. Referred to as the Telsa of strawberries, the specialty fruit is said to be one of the sweetest, almost perfect berries to be cultivated. While Goldman commented that "these strawberries are incredible," commenter @dianneedge4 thinks that the celebrated chef made a "rookie mistake" and advised to "always start with the okay stuff and work your way up." Meanwhile, the Oishii Berry company was ecstatic: "We are thrilled her first strawberry was an Omakase Berry and you both loved it," they wrote.

According to the Oishii website, it describes itself as being on the "frontier of fruit." By mimicking Japanese seasonal conditions in an indoor vertical farm, the company has harvested a strawberry with an intense aroma, flavor, and texture that has become the infatuation of many foodies. Although the higher than normal price tag for this special strawberry has made some people choke, the eating experience is said to be transformative. 

And it certainly seemed that way for little Josephine. Many other comments cautioned Goldman not to worry about starting with the ultimate strawberry as his daughter's first taste and advised that there would be many more food journeys in her future.