Chocolate Fans Will Love These Fashion Show Dresses

One of the most thrilling components of chocolate is how many ways it can be used to create all kinds of different things. Apart from tasty treats and decorations on cakes and other desserts, chocolate can be used to make incredible sculptures and so much more. Chocolate fans will be impressed by yet another culinary feat: detailed chocolate dresses that were made for the Salon du Chocolat, which took place in the Porte de Versailles Exhibition Center in Paris, France this year (via Confectionary News).

Apparently, 150,000 people gather each year in Paris for five days to see incredible chocolate creations as well as taste and buy delectable treats. People can learn about the trade, watch chocolate being made step-by-step from bean to bar, and even sample treats from more than 30 pastry chefs. But the biggest show stopper has to be the fashion show featuring chocolate gowns.

Even celebrity chefs can't get enough

The Salon Du Chocolat's full fashion show features models wearing all shades of chocolate dresses. Some danced down the runway while others snacked on their own garments as they strutted the catwalk in a video tweeted by Reuters. Naturally, the video was shared by others in the food industry including Amanda Freitag.

Freitag shared the video in a quote tweet and wrote, "This is sooo cool!! I want a chocolate DRESS!" Fans of Freitag were fast to respond to the video writing their own thoughts on the creative — and very impressive — use of chocolate. One person wrote, "I'd be like that model who was eating parts of her dress!! Especially if it was made of dark chocolate, yum!" Another fan of Freitag replied, "We went to the one in NY in 2019, you should definitely attend next year. It's so much fun." Finally, one person simply said, "Soooooo cool."

Given the movement of the dresses as the models walked the runway, it is incredible that the delicate chocolate was secure and didn't fall or break. It's certainly a video well worth watching — and maybe worth planning a trip to next year's Salon de Chocolat event.