What Reddit Thinks Fallout's Nuka-Cola Would Taste Like

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Established in 1997, the popular "Fallout" video game franchise takes place in North America approximately two hundred years after a global nuclear war. With locations ranging from California, Las Vegas, and Washington D.C., players explore vast post-apocalyptic wastelands filled with settlers, soldiers, robots, and of course, mutants. The series has been praised for it's unique world-building, combining the aesthetics of 1950s futurism, corporate greed, and Cold War jingoism alongside the bleak horrors of nuclear holocaust to tell stories about the nature of war and human nature. The IP is also notable for the use of black comedy, poking satirical fun at government leaders, imperialism, and even corporations.

But what does a post-nuclear roleplaying game have to do with food? There have been several recipes based on the "Fallout" series, ranging from simple offerings like the "Mushroom Clouds" (or chocolate meringues) that were included in the gameplay manual of the original "Fallout" to actual cookbooks that compile in-game food items. One item in particular stands out: Nuka-Cola, a clear parody of the popular real-world brand Coca-Cola. With the soda featured as a health item and the bottlecaps used as makeshift currency in almost every installment, Nuka-Cola has become nearly synonymous with the series' twisted take on the 1950s and modern-day corporate branding. Given this, fans have been left to wonder what exactly Nuka-Cola tastes like and if it can it be recreated in real life.

Fans can't agree on the flavor of Nuka-Cola

On the "Fallout" subreddit, many fans gathered to discuss what exactly the fictional soda tastes like. The original poster noted that Nuka-Cola is described, in-game, as being made of 23 fruits (a sly reference to the 23 flavors of Dr. Pepper) with one of the known fruits being passion fruit. Some commenters proposed the drink would taste like a Dr. Pepper or an RC Cola, while others presumed it would be a combination of different sodas.

"My headcanon is less acidic, very sweet and fruity Coca Cola, sort of like a blend of Coke and various flavors of Fanta, if that makes sense," said one user, noting that while the drink is featured in every installment, none of the characters or codex detail the taste. "When I was a kid I used to mix Coca Cola and orange cream soda," another user said. "That's how I imagine Nuka-Cola, a distinctly fruity (and especially citrusy) cola."

There is at least one unofficial recipe for Nuka-Cola that combines 1/3 Cream Soda, 1/3 Coca-Cola, and 1/3 Mountain Dew or other caffeinated beverage (via Kotaku). There's also a recipe for the infamous Nuka-Cola Quantum, a cola that is said to glow a bright blue and cause bizarre effects to the user when consumed. This recipe calls for the mixture of Mountain Dew, Sprite, and Squirt! soda with several drops of food coloring. But it's really not Nuka-Cola without a bit of radiation.