The Hilarious Way Aldi UK Mocked Facebook's Rebrand

Social media communication is advancing beyond the realm of what we currently think is possible. If it sounds dramatic, that's because a recent announcement by Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg has the potential to significantly change the way that we interact. For starters, Zuckerberg revealed a rebranding of the company that will reflect its future direction (via BBC). According to the company's website, their new name Meta refers to the metaverse, a digital space that is meant to combine aspects of the physical and virtual world in order to create social connection unlike ever before.

Various media sources including CNN suggest that the new image is a concerted attempt to turn the page on the recent controversies and scandals surrounding the company. Regardless of whether the change will bring positive shifts, the reactions surrounding the news have been widely varied. 

USA Today shared a number of the jokes and commentary that have since spawned, including a tweet that read "never Meta worse idea." Companies such as Hulu and Twitter reassured their users that they had not undergone any name changes. Meanwhile, Aldi UK decided to get in on the joke, tweeting the phrase "Unveiling our Betta strapline" followed by an image that says "Betta, we betta than all the rest."

Do Aldi consumers agree?

The comments section on Aldi's post is filled with play-on-words, ultimately poking fun at Facebook, or, oops, Meta. An existing Shopify company also named Meta responded to Aldi's tweet writing, "Well this is awkward...brb we #betta change our name!" Meanwhile, a non-official account called @facebook_meta also added their two cents to Aldi's post, commenting "We will all be one meta betta." While the full implications of their remark are not yet clear, Aldi's post was certainly on point.

Aldi is regularly praised for its low prices and unique consumer goods. In 2021 it was named supermarket of the year by the Good Housekeeping Food Awards (via Aldi UK). In the USA, Supermarket News reports that Aldi came out above competitors at the 2021 Product of the Year Awards. Aldi shoppers tend to really love the low prices and the store's products, many of which have practically reached cult status

For now, the official Meta Twitter account seems to be channeling a different grocery store: "Wonder what ordering groceries in the metaverse will look like @HEB."