Twitter Is Melting Over This 8-Year-Old Fan Calling Duff Goldman Her Hero

Chefs and fans alike have a ton of respect for Duff Goldman. According to Delish, Even Goldman's opponents found something to bond over. When the chef had to face off against Buddy Valastro, both personalities had to endure grueling challenges, but came out on the other end much closer, with Valastro claiming the two star bakers became good friends.

Goldman's winning personality and charm has trickled down and recently touched a young baking fan. Over on Twitter, the parent of a young fan posted a tweet directed to Goldman reading, "Had to share this with you. You got an 8yo fan here in Texas. Our daughter, Olivia, loves all things Duff and she thought of you when she had to write about a hero." The tweet came with a picture of a handwritten message saying, "My hero is Duff Goldman. He inspires me because he is an artist and a good baker. He is also a good coach for bakers and he is really nice." Goldman responded to the tweet with a heart emoji and the comment section loved the interaction.

It was a ton of love for Duff Goldman

Fans couldn't get enough of the tweet and it attracted a ton of attention. Replies poured in that ranged from, "This why so many people love you Duff you're a hero not to only cooks but to children as well. That is well deserved," all the way to, "'And he is really nice.' Come on, who's cutting onions in here?!" Others encouraged Goldman to keep in touch with the young fan, saying, "Maybe it is time to send a video to this little one or a cake/baking set," while many just loved the handwritten note, replying with comments, including, "And the sweet little cakes at the top... she clearly put a lot of thought and intention."

Anyone can find something to love about Duff Goldman. With a winning personality and tons of baking experience, the chef serves as an inspiration to many and you can bet that even more young chefs will take a page from his book and discover a love of cooking through his efforts.