This Gross-Out Rice Krispies TikTok Recipe Is Perfect For Halloween

Something about the Halloween season brings out plenty of creativity. Whether you're designing an impressive costume to wow your friends or are decorating your home to increase the spook factor in the neighborhood, there are lots of ways to get on board with the overall feeling of this time of year. All that hard work definitely builds up an appetite and, thankfully, all those original holiday ideas also find their way into the kitchen, too. From burger monsters to witch cake pops, the limitless inspiration for Halloween-inspired snacks is enough to keep you busy until next year.

If you are looking for a new, totally gross idea to add to your Halloween buffet, @rachplusfive shares a masterpiece on her TikTok channel. Most people are familiar with Rice Krispies squares, those gooey marshmallow cereal concoctions that look benign and sweet enough. But this TikToker's version has an undeniably ick factor that will make it perfect to serve at an upcoming party. Be forewarned that you may find yourself having to reassure some very squeamish guests that it's safe to eat!

Rice Krispie "meat" is perfect for a totally gross Halloween snack

The TikTok video walks you through how to make Rice Krispies treats disguised as bloody "human flesh." To create the effect, the original poster @rachplusfive starts with Rice Krispies cereal, marshmallows, and butter, or the traditional way to make the treat. Then, she mixes together Hershey's chocolate syrup, corn syrup, and red food coloring, and adds that to the melted marshmallow and butter mixture. Once the sticky blend is added to the cereal, it creates what looks very much like ground beef. The TikToker doesn't stop there, and instead of shaping the dessert into traditional squares, she layers it onto styrofoam trays which she has brushed with more red food coloring. The trays are covered with plastic wrap, and she takes it a step further by printing out labels that read, "human flesh" and "road kill" so it looks like very gory meat you might find at some disturbing deli section.

To accompany the gory cooking video, the TikToker perfectly chose the Ke$ha song "Cannibal" to play in the background. The comments on the post prove she did a great job. "This is so realistic that I wouldn't even be able to eat it," says one person. Another adds, "That's scary real," which appears to be an underlying fear of many people contemplating making this treat. "What if one of them is a real one..." one person ponders. Overall, the opinions range from people who are awed by the creativity and want to recreate the idea and others who are completely repulsed. Either way, it's a great and simple project to whip up just in time for Halloween.