Padma Lakshmi's Halloween Throwback Has Instagram Raining Hearts And Fire

Almost everyone treats Halloween with deadly seriousness. So it should not surprise anyone that Padma Lakshmi takes it seriously as well. In the build-up for 2021's Halloween (and whatever costume she might have chosen), however, she decided to share on her Instagram page some behind-the-scenes footage from a previous hit costume.

In the montage we see a sped-up video of Padma Lakshmi preparing herself and her daughter Krishna for their costumes to the tune of the Addams Family theme. Then, we see a couple of pictures of them posing, Padma Lakshmi as the titular character from the 2010 film Black Swan, and Krishna as Maleficent. A number of these images originally come from a post uploaded in 2018.

As of this writing, the throwback post has received 14,841 likes with a wave of wowed comments expressing how good the pair looked in costume. "That's a dynamic duo," one declared. "Love when moms dress up," another raved. "You are the best!" Many, many more contented themselves with speaking through emojis, posting hearts, flames, or both. 

Halloween is 'sacred' for Padma Lakshmi and her daughter

In case you wondered how much Padma Lakshmi loves Halloween, she has come out and stated just how much loves Halloween a couple of times already. "You already know my family loves Spooky Season!!" she wrote four days ago in an Instagram post about the various costumes she and Krishna dressed their dog Divina in.

However, her feelings for the holiday's importance come out more clearly in an emotional post shared in 2019, one year after forming the triumphant duo of Black Swan and Maleficent. "Halloween is sacred to us," Lakshmi began. "An official mommy/daughter holiday. We always plot and plan our costumes together, just after Easter. Usually." Then, she explained that her involvement in a new television show had left her so exhausted that she never had the time to focus on a Halloween costume. 

She managed to assemble a Harley Quinn costume for Krishna, but on her own end, something had to give. Apparently, it was stressful to the point of tears. Fortunately, with the time for a throwback and to costume her dog, Padma Lakshmi seems to be enjoying the Halloween season more this year.