Why You Might See Bobby Flay Run For Office One Day

If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen and into politics. Bobby Flay can definitely handle the competition when it comes to cooking, but can he deal with the pressure cooker that is American politics?

The famous chef has hinted that he might be interested in challenging chefs and politicians to beat Bobby Flay. In an interview with the Monterey Herald in 2009, Flay talked about being a native New Yorker and wanting the best for the city and its people, saying, "It would be hard to find someone who loves this city as much as I do. I'm basically in awe of it every day. The well-being of the city is very important to me."

Flay said that his work as a high school mentor opened his eyes to things that children in particular need to succeed. Instead of addressing these issues as an outsider, he says he would prefer to position himself inside the bureaucracy where the real decisions are made. So, what's the appetizer on his political menu? Flay states in the interview, "The first thing I would do is make sure every kid eats better in public schools." Spoken like a true chef!

Will Bobby Flay become a politician?

Bobby Flay seems open to taking his talents from the Iron Chef stage to New York's City Hall. When asked by Politico if he would consider running for office, Flay said, "Certainly possible. In New York City because I'm a native New Yorker, and I love New York so much. Definitely possible later on." That interview was in 2013, which makes later on, well, now. Reports that the superstar chef is parting ways with the Food Network after 27 years (via New York Post) may also leave some speculating that his next career move may be political.

The celebrity chef is passionate about securing funding for vocational education and has even lobbied in Washington D.C. to support trade schools. After all, attending culinary school helped him kick off the insanely successful career that now has him looking at lucrative deals with streaming platforms — this after contract negotiations with Food Network came to a halt, according to Forbes. A rumored $100 million streaming deal is no chopped liver, and there is no telling what the next move will be for the famous chef, especially with so many options on the proverbial table.

Like a true politician, though, Bobby Flay is not giving any direct answers about his political aspirations. In his 2009 interview with the Monterey Herald, he said, "I would run for office maybe 10 years from now. But I'm a chef first." It's the chef's choice on what the next course will be for Bobby Flay — and we can't wait to see what he serves up next.