The Surprising Career Scott Conant Would Have If He Weren't A Chef

Wish fulfillment is coveted by the many, but achieved by very few. Chef Scott Conant seems to have had his dreams come true in his culinary endeavors. He's opened a variety of restaurants that have earned him tremendous feedback in the food world, many awards, and a regular guest judge gig on Chopped among other shows he's guest starred on. And the buck does not stop with savory, Conant is also a celebrated pastry-maker, having tried his hand at it in Germany.

According to Food Network, one of his greatest accomplishments is his New York City Italian restaurant, Scarpetta, which was so successful that he opted to open "additional locations in Toronto, Beverly Hills and Las Vegas." But what would the world be without these restaurants and the input of Conant on "Chopped"? What would he want to have done with his life if his pursuit of cooking had ultimately fallen through? 

A whole new ball game

Well, in the same Food Network interview, Scott Conant revealed that if he were not in food, he would have liked to have tried being a baseball player. That's right, one of America's favorite chefs would have taken up America's favorite pastime. Conant counts baseball players among the charmed, noting that if he had played baseball for the pros when he was younger, he would "now be so rich I wouldn't have to work anymore." And he may not be quite so off-base.

According to Sport Blurb, a Major League Baseball player makes about $4 million a year on average, and that's not even accounting for guest appearances and press opportunities, nor does it take into account players who are highly coveted for teams. They also note that players don't make less than $570,500 a year. That is some serious dinero. Regardless, food fans can rest happy knowing Scott Conant is exactly where we like him, judging and cooking on your favorite food shows.