This TikTok Hack Will Change The Way You Order A Starbucks Dirty Chai Latte

There's no shortage of fast-food hacks allowing consumers to order their favorite combinations without paying the full price. While customers often come up with these tricks by themselves, there are many employees or former employees eager to spill what they know. Keep in mind that not all Starbucks employees will welcome your sly moves and you might be met with resistance. Nevertheless, if you like a good deal then you will want to hear about TikTok user @meanychristiney's tip for ordering a dirty chai latte at Starbucks. She prefaces the video by mentioning that she worked there for 10 years and "absolutely loathes the company." So you can imagine that she doesn't have any qualms about decreasing their financial gain. Nonetheless, her caption indicates that "for legal reasons this is all 'supposedly.'"

For starters, the classic menu at the popular coffee shop only includes a chai tea latte, which the chain's website describes as a milky black tea infused with warming spices, topped with foam. The secret dirty chai drink entails an extra espresso shot (or two) blended in with the chai tea (via Starbucks Secret Menu). However, @meanychristiney says that you will be paying an extra $1.60 for your espresso shots.

What should you order instead?

Instead of paying for the extra coffee, @meanychristiney advises asking for a grande latte with a pump of chai syrup, which only costs 60 cents. If you thought that the chai tea was actually brewed, her video quickly shuts that notion down. A grande latte and a grande chai tea latte both cost the same, so you will be saving one dollar if you opt for her trick. She doesn't stop there with her advice, pointing out that if you order a venti iced latte which already comes with three shots of espresso, for an extra 60 cents you can make it a venti iced chai. She labels it as "a super dirt cheap dirty chai" and it's sure to satisfy spiced coffee lovers.

The video comments are filled with customers eager to test out the tricks, as well as jaded Starbucks employees. Starbucks barista @jaida writes, "one time I told a customer this trick and she just said to 'not tell her what to do.'" The video creator and other Starbucks employees confirm that the same situation has happened to them. Thankfully, plenty of customers commented that they were always grateful when baristas offered them cheap tricks. Meanwhile, cross your fingers that you end up with a barista willing to make the drink and charge you less for it. According to @mondsthegoat, "Corporate routinely tells us in the weekly updates that hacks like this should be rung up in the proper (more expensive) way."