39% Think This Is The Worst Brand Of Frozen Fish

While buying fresh fish from your grocery store's seafood counter — or, even better, your local fishmonger — ensures a delicious dinner, frozen fish is a more convenient alternative. It's easy to store, lasts longer than its fresh counterparts, and is often cheaper (via Niceland Seafood). Whether it's tilapia, cod, or salmon fillets, you can prepare fish in a multitude of ways, from air frying to broiling to grilling. Some varieties don't even need to be defrosted first!

However, the key to making frozen fish taste just as good as fresh fish is choosing the right brand. There are plenty to choose from, like popular Gorton's — known for its nostalgic breaded fish sticks — or store brands like Kroger. But not all frozen seafood brands are created equal. Mashed polled 600 people across the United States to find out which frozen fish brand is the worst. Here's which one the majority of people chose as their least favorite.

People don't love Kroger frozen fish

According to Mashed's poll results, Kroger is the worst frozen fish brand you can buy. Just over 39% of respondents selected the grocery store chain's in-house brand as their least favorite. Kroger, which has nearly 2,800 locations across 35 states, offers a variety frozen fish, from pollock to Pacific whiting to salmon burgers. One note of caution if you choose to buy this brand? Always check the ingredients. A reviewer on Fooducate warns that a bag of frozen cod they bought contained fish that was not cod. Yikes.

As for how the other frozen fish brands compared? Van de Kamp's was deemed the second worst, receiving 16% of the votes, followed by Gorton's with nearly 13%. Young's was close behind, earning 11% of respondents' votes. Paul's and Fremont Fresh Market tied for the "best of the worst" title — only 10% of people chose each of the brands as their least favorite frozen fish supplier.