Every Cinnabon Menu Item, Ranked Worst To Best

Plenty of malls around the country have a distinct smell of sweet cinnamon that wafts through the air. More often than not, this intoxicating aroma is courtesy of a Cinnabon store or kiosk. The first Cinnabon location opened in 1985 as an effort to perfect the cinnamon roll. It only sold that one item initially and the store, clearly confident in its sole offering, billed them as "World Famous Cinnamon Rolls." These sweet treats were a huge hit, and the first franchise-operated store opened a year later.

Since then, Cinnabon's menu has expanded to include various cinnamon roll-focused treats including mini rolls, cookies, and donut holes. They also have an extensive drink menu that includes flavored coffees, lemonade, and blended drinks. While those giant cinnamon rolls remain Cinnabon's signature item, many of their other options deserve your attention. Here at Mashed, we tried everything on Cinnabon's menu and ranked each item from worst to best. (Note that three items missing from this list include Cinnabon Stix, Churro Swirls, and Hot Cocoa. These aren't offered at every Cinnabon, so if you want to try them you may need to check a few different locations.) 

With that in mind, here's what to order and what you can skip the next time you visit.

Classic Lemonade

Lemonade can be ruined one of two ways: It's either watery with no flavor or it's so sour that you can't enjoy it. Cinnabon's plain lemonade, unfortunately, falls under the latter scenario. Lemonade should make you pucker a little bit, but this drink made us close our eyes, purse our lips, and gasp for air. Well, not really, but it's very sour. We could barely taste any sweetness in the drink, which made the experience rather unenjoyable. Two sips and we were done.

To give Cinnabon some credit, their lemonade is made with real lemons and contains little bits of pulp in the bottom of the drink. We enjoyed this detail and felt like it added a more old-fashioned feel to the beverage. We wanted to love this drink, but we can't get past how tart it is. If you're a sucker for pain and love the feeling of your tongue burning off, go ahead and grab a cup. 

Frozen Classic Lemonade

Just like their classic lemonade, Cinnabon's frozen variety is overly tart and bitter. It's so sour that it passes the point of being refreshing and becomes distracting instead. This drink gets ranked just above the regular stuff because the ice blended inside does help tone down the sourness of the lemonade itself, though it does so at the expense of cutting down the lemon flavor, which makes this drink more watery. If you want a ton of flavor in your lemonade, this probably isn't the drink for you.

At least the blended aspect makes this drink palatable enough that we were able to finish it. The authentic, "fresh-squeezed" feel was still there as well. Overall, this drink isn't for us but may be the perfect afternoon pick-me-up for someone who likes things on the sour side. On a hot summer day, we might even put up with its tartness to help cool off.

Cold Brew Iced Coffee Black

We have to hand it to Cinnabon: They can make a smooth cold brew. According to the bakery, this product is made with "premium, high-altitude Arabica" coffee beans. (Arabica coffee is typically sweet, slightly acidic, and a little bitter without being unpleasant.) Unfortunately, we don't think Cinnabon totally nailed this one. While this plain cold brew isn't bad, per se, it's definitely more bitter than we would like. The bitterness is particularly pronounced in the aftertaste, which means every sip ends on a slightly unpleasant note. A touch of milk or cream would probably remedy this. There's also nothing particularly notable about this drink beyond the smoothness, which is why we couldn't rank it any higher than this.

That being said, we do have to point out that Cinnabon doesn't serve weak coffee. This stuff is strong — so strong that it may be off-putting to the average drinker. If you're a fan of a robust cold brew and don't mind a little bitterness, you'll probably enjoy this drink. If not, we recommend trying one of Cinnabon's flavored cold brews instead.

Hot Coffee

Cinnabon's hot coffee is similar to their cold brew coffee in many ways. Again, it's very strong, which means if you're not generally a fan of black coffee, this one probably isn't for you. Just like with their cold brew, Cinnabon's hot coffee has a bitter aftertaste that isn't very enjoyable. However, we did notice that pairing this drink with a super sweet cinnamon roll helped to balance out those unwelcome notes. (We also think there's a good chance Cinnabon did that on purpose.)

Another bit of credit we have to give Cinnabon is that their plain hot coffee smells amazing. It's exactly the rich, warm aroma you hope for when you enter a coffee shop. If you're a fan of strong coffee, you may enjoy this drink, especially if you add a splash of milk or eat it in conjunction with one of the bakery's sugar-packed treats. Otherwise, per our recommendation for the black cold brew, stick with a flavored iced coffee drink instead.

Classic Center of the Roll

The classic Center of the Roll comes in a cute little container that's easy to transport, which we always appreciate. The cup is filled with cinnamon sugar-covered pieces of cinnamon rolls and topped with a hefty drizzle of cream cheese frosting. Theoretically, this snack is supposed to contain only the best part of the cinnamon roll, which is, of course, the center. 

Normally, the center of a roll is fluffy, moist, and covered with plenty of cinnamon sugar flavor. Unfortunately, this treat only checks one of those three boxes. Each piece does contain lots of cinnamon and sugar, but the baked roll pieces are anything but fluffy and moist. They're quite dry and are almost at the point of being stale. When paired with plenty of frosting they're okay, but we weren't diving back for another round of bites. Plus, there's not enough cream cheese frosting on top to get you through the entire container, so the bottom pieces don't get any relief from their staleness. These might be good freshly baked, but we probably wouldn't order them again.

Caramel Pecan Center of the Roll

The caramel pecan flavored Center of the Roll treat is similar to the classic version. It comes in the same packaging but instead of cream cheese frosting, it's topped with a creamy caramel sauce and covered in pecan pieces. The cinnamon roll chunks didn't taste quite as dry as the ones included in the classic version, although that may have been from all the caramel topping and pecans we got in every bite which distracted us from the other textures.

Those extra toppings elevate this treat immensely, but we're still disappointed in how dry the dough is. This is supposed to be the center of the roll, after all. We also wish the caramel and pecans were dispersed more evenly throughout the cup. As with the classic Center of the Roll, we ran out of icing by the time we hit the bottom half of the treat. The flavor itself, however, is very good and the pecans offer a nice crunch plus some relief from the sweetness. 

Frozen Raspberry Lemonade

Although we weren't impressed with Cinnabon's frozen plain lemonade, we were much happier with their raspberry version. This is the perfect refresher for a hot afternoon. It's still on the tart side, but there is enough raspberry flavor to cut through the sourness of plain lemon. The raspberry flavor tastes pure and authentic, making it seem like real raspberries were thrown into the blender alongside some lemonade and ice (though to be clear, that is not the case).

The only downside to this drink is that the blended version dilutes quite a bit of the overall flavor. While it's not as intensely sour as Cinnabon's plain lemonade, it's not nearly as flavorful as their regular raspberry lemonade. We lose some of that authentic lemonade feel when each sip contains bits of ice that dilute everything. Overall, it's a tasty drink that we would order again if it was really hot outside. Otherwise, we'll stick to Cinnabon's regular raspberry lemonade, which is reviewed further down the list.

Cookie BonBite

At first glance, this treat looks like a regular chocolate chip cookie. A slight swirl pattern can be seen on top, but we wouldn't have noticed it if we didn't know what we were looking for. Biting into the cookie, however, reveals a mini cinnamon roll baked inside. This idea is inventive and fun in theory, but the execution still needs some work.

While the cookie itself was pretty delicious, the cinnamon roll interior prevents that satisfying break down the middle that all freshly-baked cookies beg to have. Sure, this doesn't affect the flavor at all, but it did affect our experience a little bit. But the main issue with the Cookie BonBite was that the roll addition was dry and lacked any real flavor. We only got hints of cinnamon when we were really searching for it. And the absence of frosting makes the cinnamon roll experience feel incomplete. We'd order this again for the cookie itself, but we'll probably eat around the cinnamon roll inside next time.

Cinnamon Roll Cold Brew Frozen Coffee

We had high hopes for this drink. A cold brew that tastes like a cinnamon roll made by the cinnamon roll king itself? Come on! Unfortunately, we were a little disappointed. Don't get us wrong, this drink is really tasty. It's super sweet without sacrificing too much coffee flavor and doesn't have any bitterness to it. The creamy element, a nod to the bakery's iconic cream cheese frosting, keeps the drink rich and smooth.

The cinnamon roll flavor, however, wasn't really there. The cinnamon itself was particularly hard to pinpoint unless the drink was freshly stirred and we thought about the spice really hard when we were drinking the coffee. The frozen aspect of the drink also takes away from some of the flavor that it needs. That all being said, we think this is a tasty drink and we'd definitely order it again — although we may ask for an extra sprinkle of cinnamon in ours for a little more flavor.

Vanilla Cold Brew Frozen Coffee

Cinnabon's frozen vanilla cold brew tastes surprisingly similar to the cinnamon roll version. There's no cinnamon flavor, but, as we mentioned above, it was barely detectable in the frozen cinnamon roll cold brew. This cold brew gets the edge, however, because the vanilla flavor is thankfully quite pronounced throughout the drink. We appreciate that and feel like we actually got what we paid for here. The coffee flavor is also prominent without having a bitter or sour aftertaste that was an issue with some of some Cinnabon's other coffee drinks.

Overall, this is a yummy drink that's a refreshing upgrade from a standard vanilla cold brew. As with Cinnabon's other frozen options, the icy aspect of the drink dilutes the overall flavor a little bit, but enough flavor still comes through to keep us sipping until the very end. The frozen vanilla cold brew is a drink we aren't going to get tired of anytime soon.

Classic BonBites

Cinnabon's BonBites are miniature cinnamon rolls, which is an enticing offer. The classic flavor comes in a pack of four bite-sized rolls. The presentation isn't quite as impressive as the regular cinnamon roll, partly because of their size and partly because the rolls are thrown in the packaging a little sloppily. Of course, it's the flavor that really counts, and these are ... okay. Unfortunately, the dough is very dry, as opposed to Cinnabon's regular cinnamon roll that stays moist throughout. The outer layer of each small roll is only worth eating if you have a hefty serving of cream cheese frosting to offset the lack of moisture.

But aside from the dryness, this treat is really yummy. We like how each roll only takes one or two bites to enjoy and makes a perfect snack for one person. The cinnamon sugar flavor is pronounced throughout and the cream cheese frosting adds that signature tangy flavor to each bite. We'd love a little more frosting on each roll, but we would order these again either way.

Vanilla Cold Brew Iced Coffee

Cinnabon's vanilla cold brew is a solid option on the menu. It's super creamy and smooth and would satisfy any cold brew lover's expectations. We would love some more vanilla flavor in the drink to really kick it up a notch, but we're not displeased with this drink.

The only reason this menu item doesn't rank any higher on our list is that it's pretty boring compared to the rest of the menu items. Sure, this is solid as far as vanilla cold brew goes, but you can get a good vanilla cold brew at a lot of places. There's nothing that makes this version stand out among the competition. We'll gladly grab one if we're already at a Cinnabon, but we aren't going out of our way to hunt down this drink. Again, that's nothing against their vanilla cold brew, which is very tasty. But if we want something a little more unique, we'll stick to the cinnamon roll cold brew below.

Cinnamon Roll Cold Brew Iced Coffee

This drink is the same as Cinnabon's Cinnamon Roll Cold Brew Frozen Coffee minus the frozen aspect. As made clear by our ranking, we prefer this version. The lack of ice blended into the drink means the flavor is more pronounced and noticeable, though once again, we were somewhat disappointed in the lack of cinnamon roll flavor in this version. You can definitely taste some sort of cinnamon syrup in the drink, but it's not nearly as strong as we expected. We get more sweetness than cinnamon flavor and wish there was another shot of whatever flavoring they use to really pack in that flavor. 

The drink itself is really good though. It's not so sweet that it hurts our teeth and the coffee flavor isn't lost in the sugar and cinnamon additions. The coffee is also smooth and robust without any bitterness. This drink is a great pick-me-up for any time of the day and would pair well with anything on Cinnabon's menu.

Caramel Pecan BonBites

The Caramel Pecan BonBites are quite a bit better than the classic ones for a couple of different reasons. First, the presentation is an improvement with the caramel drizzle and pecans equally covering each roll. There's definitely enough topping to satisfy each bite, which is an important milestone for cinnamon rolls to hit. From looks alone, we're much more excited to dig into these.

Second, the texture is superior with this version. The dough is still pretty dry, unfortunately, but the decadent caramel sauce makes up for it better than the cream cheese frosting on the classic version. The pecans also offer some relief with their crunchy texture that distracts from the dryness of the dough. We still wish these were a little softer, but overall, we thoroughly enjoy this bite-sized treat. We'd get it again for breakfast or as an afternoon snack for a sugary spark in the middle of the day.

Raspberry Lemonade

Surprised that we judged Cinnabon's other lemonades so harshly, only to have their raspberry version make it into our top eight? We were too, but this drink really hits the spot. This raspberry lemonade is a beautiful pink color and has small lemon and raspberry flecks hovering at the bottom of the cup. Those fruit chunks speak to the authentic fresh-squeezed flavor of this lemonade that we can't get enough of. The raspberry flavor is especially good and doesn't have any artificial taste to it that many lemonades relying on flavored syrups often contain.

What really puts this one on top of the Cinnabon lemonade rankings is its balance of flavors. This drink finally manages to perfectly mix tart and sweet without letting either side overpower the other. The raspberry flavor is allowed to shine without overwhelming the lemon, which is present enough to maintain the integrity of the lemonade. This drink is more sour than other fruit lemonades we've come across, but we think the balance is ideal. We would consider raspberry lemonade a must-order at Cinnabon.

Double Chocolate Mocha Chillatta

This iced drink is a refreshing take on the classic chocolate and coffee combo. It has a strong coffee and chocolate smell right off the bat that made us want to dig in right away. The dark brown beverage is topped with a swirl of whipped cream and drizzled with chocolate syrup. The flavor of this drink definitely leans more toward chocolate than coffee, so you may be a little disappointed if you're a huge coffee fan. However, the coffee flavor does come on strong in the aftertaste, making this frozen drink taste like chocolate milk with coffee added to it.

It's made with Ghirardelli chocolate and the quality is definitely noticed in every sip. According to Cinnabon's website, the Double Chocolate Mocha Chillatta is actually a blend of the bakery's MochaLatta Chill drink and Ghirardelli chocolate, but the ratio must not be equal because the chocolate flavor wins out. That all being said, this is a cold, sweet drink that's super tasty for anyone who likes a combination of coffee and chocolate.

MochaLatta Chill

While the Double Chocolate Mocha Chillatta is made for chocolate lovers who also like coffee, the MochaLatta Chill is made for coffee lovers who also like chocolate. The two drinks are very similar (this one is the base of the Double Chocolate Mocha Chillatta, after all) but each has its own strengths. The MochaLatta Chill doesn't smell as strongly of coffee as its sibling drink does, but the coffee flavor is definitely more pronounced once you take a sip.

While the drink is made with chocolate and contains a drizzle of chocolate across the whipped cream on top, the chocolate flavor is pretty subtle. It still adds plenty of sweetness to the drink (which is iced, but not blended) while allowing the coffee to shine. We think it's the perfect balance of flavors for people who want a strong coffee drink that has a fun, dessert-like feel to it. It's super tasty and something we would definitely make an extra stop for at Cinnabon.

Oreos & Cream Chillatta

If you're a chocolate lover who wants an over-the-top indulgent drink, look no further than Cinnabon's Oreos & Cream Chillatta. This drink looks like a Starbucks Chocolate Cookie Crumble Crème Frappuccino and tastes like one too. Our favorite part of the drink is the fact that real Oreos are blended inside — you can taste bits of cookie in each sip. This gives it a little texture and keeps the Oreo flavor pure without the need for any artificial chocolate or cream flavors to be added in.

People with low sugar tolerances may not be able to finish this entire drink. It's super sweet and super rich, almost bordering the indulgence level of a cookies and cream milkshake. However, if you're someone who can hold your sugar, you'll want to grab this menu item the next time you're at a Cinnabon. Every sip left us saying, "That's so good," and we promise you'll do the same.

Strawberries & Cream Chillatta

Cinnabon's Strawberries & Cream Chillatta is a beautiful white colored drink with large swirls of strawberry purée mixed in. It's topped with a hefty pile of whipped cream and a drizzle of strawberry syrup. The vanilla portion of the drink tastes like a vanilla Frappuccino with plenty of sweet cream flavor that really stands out. The way the drink is made, you can only taste the strawberry flavor if you get your straw into the strawberry purée gathered on the sides and bottom of the cup. If you want a true strawberries and cream flavor in every sip, you'll need to give the drink a good mix with your straw to make sure both flavors get blended equally. 

Although this necessary tip takes a little bit of work, this drink is still one of our favorites. While it's packed with sugar and super sweet, it still manages to feel fresh and light with the real fruit flavor packed inside. We love this menu item and would order it year-round, although it would be particularly tasty on a warm spring or summer day.

Caramel PecanBon

We've finally made it to the top three best Cinnabon menu items. Number three should be no surprise: the Caramel PecanBon. This is one of Cinnabon's massive cinnamon rolls, although instead of the bakery's classic cream cheese frosting, it's topped with a caramel frosting and smothered in pecan bits. The presentation is delightful — this thing is the pinnacle of indulgence and will have at least one person in your party commenting on how big it is. The pile of pecans on top makes it look even bigger and more decadent.

The texture is exactly what you would hope for in a giant cinnamon roll. Unlike the BonBites, each layer of dough is soft and super moist. The cinnamon sugar shines throughout and that flavor still stands out against the caramel and pecans. We also appreciate that there is plenty of caramel frosting and pecan chunks to evenly coat each bite of this massive roll. Our only critique of this menu item is that there are so many pecans that they sometimes overwhelm all the other flavors. A smaller sprinkle of nuts on top and this cinnamon roll would be perfect.


In a surprise turn of events, one of Cinnabon's newer menu items landed in second place on our menu item ranking. CinnaSweeties are baked donut holes covered in cinnamon sugar and served with a cup of frosting. These baked treats are light and fluffy without being overly rich or heavy, which was a nice break from some of the other overly indulgent Cinnabon menu items.

These are a little dry eaten on their own, but perfect when dipped in Cinnabon's signature frosting. The light, airy texture of the baked donut paired with the rich frosting made for a great bite and had us looking forward to finishing the entire container. The only downside of this menu item is that the donut holes are a little messy (like all cinnamon sugar covered treats are) but it's well worth the clean up effort. We'll definitely be ordering them in the future and we highly recommend you do too.

Classic Roll

Cinnabon is known for its "World Famous Cinnamon Rolls" for a reason. The classic cinnamon roll is what made the bakery famous and it's the menu item that will have us going back again and again. It is absolutely massive and could probably feed three people, although it tastes so good you probably won't want to share. The sweet cinnamon smell that wafts from it is so tantalizing (Cinnabon should consider a line of scented candles) but the real beauty is in the roll itself.

Although this cinnamon roll is huge, each layer is incredibly soft. It cuts really easily, which makes it easy to pull apart bite after bite. Every layer is packed with cinnamon sugar flavor and gets a nice tangy hit from the cream cheese frosting. There isn't a ton of frosting on these rolls, but they don't need it. All of the flavors balance each other really well and make each bite idyllic. The center of this roll, which is objectively the best part of any cinnamon roll, is just as good as you would hope, with even more sticky cinnamon sugar to enjoy at the end. This is just a really, really great cinnamon roll. If you don't know what to get at Cinnabon, this should always be your first choice.