Marc Murphy Would Want This Career If He Wasn't A Chef

Celebrity chef Marc Murphy had the opportunity to explore different cuisines when growing up, thanks to his father's job as a diplomat. As per the Institute of Culinary Education, Murphy was raised in several cities around the world, such as Rome, Genoa, Milan, and Paris. Here's a little-known fact about the chef: He was fascinated by race-car driving but knew it wasn't a practical career option, which is why he chose to focus on becoming a chef instead. 

After finishing his studies at the Institute of Culinary Education, Murphy gained work experience in restaurants in Italy and France. Post that, he came back to New York and worked as a line cook at Prix Fixe. He slowly and steadily built his resume, polishing his skills in the kitchen. But according to the Food Network, while Murphy is now a world-renowned chef, there is still one alternative career option he could see himself pursuing.

He's intrigued by architecture

If cooking didn't work out, Murphy believes that he would have pursued architecture. His website confirms this fact. "If I wasn't severely dyslexic, I might have been an architect," Murphy shared. He got a taste of what an architect's job entailed when he and his wife designed their dream home in New York (via Architectural Digest). They spent a year on the project, working with Matthew Baird Architects to achieve the perfect results. The chef is proud of what they've come up with. He said, "I really love the old-world Parisian feel of our apartment." 

Also, Murphy had a tough childhood on account of dyslexia. He told Mashed in an exclusive interview, "I couldn't get, I mean, I never could have gotten into college. I barely made it out of high school. I was constantly either getting kicked out or failing out of school." However, when Murphy pursued a cooking course, he realized that he could pass cooking tests that required him to make a dish rather than answer questions on paper. He found his calling and went on to become a celebrity chef