The Pioneer Woman Warms Hearts With Her Tribute To 'Forever Friends'

We all broke curfew a time or two in high school, and Ree Drummond, also known as The Pioneer Woman, is the first to admit that she's no exception. Long before Drummond became a famous blogger, landed the role as the host of her own cooking show, or graduated from the University of Southern California with plans to attend law school, Drummond grew up on a ranch in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, according to Biography. "I was a teen angel. Not," Drummond wrote on her website.

While Drummond may have been excited to experience life outside of Oklahoma while growing up, she did have some good friends there. Drummond's Instagram is full of tributes to her early friends, including one photo of a group of teenagers posing at a school dance and another post of a young Drummond with a group of fellow dancers from a ballet class in 1986.

The Pioneer Woman has always held her friends dear

Another one of Drummond's Instagram posts from 2018 shows The Pioneer Woman and her two friends, Michele and Becky, as children dressed up as angels for their first performance in "The Nutcracker." "I'm sharing this because the three of us are still close friends today, and that makes my [heart] happy. Lifelong friends are so darn important and I love them both," Drummond captioned the pic.

It's obvious that Drummond still values her lasting relationships with her childhood friends to this day, as she just posted another Instagram picture of herself with two friends from high school and her mother. While it is unclear if the pals pictured are the grown-up Michele and Becky, what is clear is that the trio loves each other's company and has a long history. "My mom used to ground me in high school because these two kept me out way too late. Or did I keep them out way too late? Well, it no longer matters — because everyone's ungrounded now. So grateful for the love of forever friends," Drummond wrote in the caption. Instagram is already raining hearts on the post, with one user commenting, "Old friends ... there's nothing better."