This State Has The Most Expensive Big Mac In The U.S.

While we all know fast food isn't exactly the healthiest food choice, it is a popular option in some cases because it is both convenient and, typically, fairly cost effective — and, surprisingly, not as unhealthy as you might think. While eating dinner at a restaurant can run up a hefty tab, you can usually get a pretty filling meal, complete with entrée, side, and drink, at most fast food places for less than $10. 

However, not all fast food locations are created equal. While one expects different chains to charge different prices for their meals, even menu items at the same chains can vary widely from location to location. Taxes, cost of living, and other disparities can significantly impact the menu prices from state to state. So, although the average McDonald's Big Mac costs about $3.99, that is not the hard and fast price at all McDonald's locations, according to Fast Food Menu Prices. Depending on where you live, you might have to shell out a little more. And there is one state where you are certain to spend more than the average sticker price for the popular Big Mac: Hawaii.

Hawaii has the most expensive Big Macs in the country

While there is definitely lots to love about Hawaii, it turns out there is one downside to living in the beautiful state. Because it is an island, Hawaii has a higher cost of living than many other places in the U.S., as items need to be shipped in from the mainland, driving prices up, according to Real Hawaii. This applies to fast food as well, so it should come as no surprise that Hawaii is also the state with the most expensive Big Macs on average. Ordering this sandwich at a McDonald's in Hawaii is likely to cost you over $5, with the average price clocking in at a hefty $5.31, according to Zippia.

On the other end of the spectrum, the cheapest Big Macs in the U.S. can be found in Alabama, Arkansas, or Mississippi, which is the least expensive at just $3.91 per burger. So, if you're looking to save money on food costs, you are more likely to have better luck in the southern or midwestern part of the country. But if you are hoping to enjoy breathtaking ocean views, pristine sand, and gorgeous island sunsets, then you will have to pay a little more — even for your fast food.