Joanna Gaines Honors Dad With Heartwarming Veterans Day Tribute

TV personality Joanna Gaines had a tough time growing up. According to Darling Magazine, she endured bullying as a kid just because of her ethnicity. However, her parents were very supportive and stood by her side. When she went to a new high school for her sophomore year, they told her, "Walk in. You'll make friends like you always do."

Gaines is still very close to her family, including her dad, Jerry Stevens. According to People, at one of their family get-togethers, Stevens requested his daughter spend some time with him and watch the sunset. She declined because she had to make sure her youngest child could get to bed on time. She later said she regretted this decision because the family had to spend a lot of time apart during the pandemic. She recalled, "My dad is the most understanding person when it comes to my family time. An invitation to stay and watch the sun disappear with him was a special request."

Months later, she finally had the opportunity to spend time with her dad again as they admired the sunset and bonded over a long conversation. So sweet. Gaines recently posted a heartwarming tribute to her dad on Instagram.

She admires her father

For Veterans Day, Joanna Gaines posted a lovely throwback photo of her father from his time in the military (via Instagram). She wrote, "Dad, I can't even begin to imagine what you were feeling when you were drafted at 19 years old and left home to serve in Korea." She added that she was very grateful to him and other veterans who made many sacrifices for their country during turbulent times.

Others were touched by Gaines' words and shared their own stories of family members in the military. A commentator said her dad was a part of the Vietnam War and that it must have been very scary to be drafted in those days. Another Instagram user wrote, "My grandfather served [in] WWl and WWll and was only 21 when he was drafted. Hard to believe. So grateful."

Interestingly, as per Country Living, Gaines' parents came across each other at a party in Seoul, South Korea, and stayed in touch, writing to each other on a regular basis before deciding to tie the knot in 1972. While they've had their share of tough moments, they've managed to stay together. Gaines once said, "[They] became an example of how to love, fight for, extend grace to, and honor each other amidst all their many differences."