Candified: Home For The Holidays: Release Date, Episodes, And More - What We Know So Far

With the holidays drawing closer, there's a lot to look forward to in terms of entertainment. Lots of comfort food and family get-togethers, for example. Here's a quick question for you: What's one of the best things about this time of the year? Holiday-themed shows, of course! According to a press release, Hulu is set to surprise its viewers with a brand new reality show next month called "Candified: Home for the Holidays." 

According to Thrillist, this show will especially appeal to you if you like the idea of gingerbread houses and want to watch something extraordinary come to life in front of your eyes. Also, it will have a little bit of everything: Drama, action, lighthearted moments, conflict, high-pressure situations, emotional moments, and more. "Candified: Home for the Holidays" will be a short but intense ride as its cast members try their best to get through the challenges presented to them.

What's the release date for the show?

"Candified: Home for the Holidays" will make its way to Hulu on December 1, as per a press release from the company. This is right in time for the holidays, right? The show will feature an experienced candy artist who will work with her dedicated team of fellow candy creators to bring something special to life with just candy and nothing else. Really! They will only have a few weeks to accomplish their task and will be racing against time to pull off a remarkable feat that is bound to impress fans.

The plot may seem straightforward but it is guaranteed to keep viewers hooked as they watch the cast members go through a series of ups and downs. The entire team will have to meet a strict deadline on the show — six weeks, to be precise — while trying to overcome unexpected hurdles and roadblocks.

Who's in the cast of the show?

International candy artist Jackie Sorkin has been roped in for the show. And yes, she is definitely up to the challenge of using candy to create an impressive structure. The experienced artist is the co-founder of several popular establishments such as Miami Sweet, Candytopia, and Candy Kingdom. She is no stranger to candy challenges and can create magic. As per Cosmopolitan, her entry into the world of candy was an accident. Her clients loved the way she set things up for special events, full of glitter and sparkles. Before she knew it, she managed to achieve success in the industry and was even offered a show of her own, "Candy Queen," on TLC. What's more, she worked with many famous clients, such as Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, the Kardashians, and Oprah Winfrey.

According to Deadline, Sorkin will be accompanied by several talented artists, including Chris Fernandez, Genevieve Chan, Amanda Touch, D. Micah Lindsey, Basia Whitely, Caroline Habash, and Mandy Bui. Interestingly, the company behind this show is Bright Spot Content, who also created the hit show, "Baker's Dozen."

What will the episodes be like?

What will Jackie Sorkin and her team have to do on "Candified: Home for the Holidays?" As per the press release, the unscripted show will follow the team as they try to build a "life-size house" from scratch. The catch? They can only use candy to build the house. Understandably, they will be working with hundreds of thousands of candy pieces to make the dazzling structure. Also, they'll turn to different methods such as melting the candy pieces and glueing them together during the process.

It will be a four-part series that will trace the team's journey as they figure out ways to build the house little by little. In the first episode, Sorkin and her team will be made aware of the challenge. They'll work on a kids' room as a first step and transform it into a "winter wonderland" with candy. In the second episode, the team will go a little further and design the dining room and kitchen

The last two episodes of "Candified: Home for the Holidays" will have even higher stakes involved and are bound to keep viewers engaged with lots of drama and stressful moments. In the final episode, called "Home for the Holidays," Sorkin and the rest of the cast will be filmed working hard in the last week of their challenge as they try to finish building the entire house, including the front yard, and setting things up before launch day.