Chick-Fil-A Fans Are Nostalgic For This Discontinued Menu Item

There's nothing worse than pulling up to the drive-thru at your favorite fast-food restaurant only to find out your go-to order has been discontinued. Life suddenly feels like it's lost all meaning as you scramble to find something else to shout into the speaker while simultaneously thinking back to the last time you were able to indulge in the scrumptious meal, wishing you had savored each bite a little bit more. Taco Bell lovers know this misfortune all too well, as do fans of McDonald's beloved Snack Wrap, which had a 10-year run on the menu before being nixed in 2016 (via Eat This, Not That!).

Chick-fil-A customers have not been spared from this heinous act either, and over the years, have had to say goodbye to a number of favorites like multigrain bagels, coleslaw, and the legendary carrot raisin salad (via The Chicken Wire and Chick-fil-A). The Atlanta-based eatery's subreddit has become a place for patrons to come together and mourn those items, as well as reminisce about the better times when they were still on the menu. In recent months, there is one sandwich in particular that has been discussed among a number of Chick-fil-A fans, who have intense feelings of nostalgia for the former menu item.

Longtime Chick-fil-A lovers have fond memories of the Chick-n-Q

"Does anyone remember this old chick-fil-a sandwich?" reads a post to the Chick-fil-A subreddit, a sentiment that was echoed by another Redditor just last month. "It was essentially a pulled chicken sandwich. It was amazing, but the fact that I literally can't find any trace of it is driving me crazy." The user thought they were misremembering the dish of their childhood, though several other members of the Reddit page were quick to assure them that they were sane. 

"I remember that sandwich quite well," another person responded. "I wish they still sold them!" added a wistful Redditor. A third fan chimed in with more clarity on the subject, revealing that the sandwich was known as the Chick-n-Q. "As I understand it, at the end of the day some of the excess cooked chicken was cooled down, mixed with a barbecue sauce, and then served the next day after being brought back up to temp." They added that the OP memory was correct: "You absolutely would've gotten it in the '90s."

A 1977 trademark seems to confirm the Redditor's information, though the company let it expire in 2007. However, further research reveals that Chick-fil-A locations in Chick-fil-A locations in Houston and Hunt Valley, MD have offered shredded BBQ chicken on their catering menus during this millennium. While you may never be able to order a Chick-n-Q at the drive-thru ever again, perhaps the next Chick-fil-A catered event you attend will give you the opportunity to sink your teeth into a nearly identical sandwich.