Qdoba Is Testing Out 3 Mac & Queso Flavors. Here's Where To Try Them

On November 9, Qdoba announced it would be sharing a new menu item, Mac & Queso, in select locations across the United States and Canada (via PR Newswire). Restaurants in the two countries will welcome the innovative new approach to one of its fan-favorite menu items: three-cheese queso.

The news comes after the chain tested the product in small batches around Seattle, Ohio, and West Virginia this past summer. The dish features cavatappi noodles and the restaurant's classic three-cheese queso and will be available as a build-your-own bowl, side dish, or kid's item.

"At Qdoba, it's important that we continue to drive our mission to make the world a more flavorful place," Qdoba Chief Marketing Officer Karin Silk said in the press release. "Our new offering is just one of several additional items we'll be rolling out in select cities nationwide and in Canada to continue to show our guests we're committed to menu innovation."

With that, it won't just be one Mac & Queso dish; the company announced three different variations of the new meal option. In addition to a standard Mac & Queso, select restaurants will also offer three flavors of exclusive chef-crafted Mac & Queso Signature Eats. These bowl selections include a Cholula Mac & Queso Bowl or Burrito, Tex Mex Mac & Queso Bowl or Burrito, and Loaded Mac & Queso Burrito. 

Mac & Queso will be in 188 restaurants

According to the PR Newswire press release, Mac & Queso is currently available in Canada and at participating locations in Baltimore, Boston, New York, North Carolina, and Philadelphia. All restaurants in Colorado are also currently offering the meal, per Brand Eating.

"We're thrilled to innovate around one of our most successful and beloved items ever — our signature three-cheese queso — and begin offering our fans this indulgent comfort food just in time for the fall and winter months," Qdoba Executive Chef Katy Velazquez said in the press release. "Our Mac & Queso is the perfect blend of Mexican flavors with a classic American twist. We can't wait to see how Qdoba guests of all ages choose to customize their Mac & Queso creations."

Among the three Signature Eats Mac & Queso options, there's sure to be something for every taste bud.

The Cholula Mac & Queso Bowl or Burrito will feature the mac & queso topped with Cholula Hot & Sweet Chicken, pico de gallo, sour cream, and cotija cheese. Heading north of the border, the Tex Mex Mac & Queso Bowl or Burrito will feature Slow-Smoked Brisket, roasted tomato salsa, corn salsa, and tortilla strips all compiled together on top of the Mac & Queso. Lastly, Loaded Mac & Queso Burrito will resemble a combination of both of the other Signature Eats options and feature Mac & Queso, Slow-Smoked Brisket, chile crema, pico de gallo, corn salsa, and tortilla strips in a warm flour burrito.