Why Tilly Isn't Allowed In Dad Gordon Ramsay's Michelin-Starred Restaurants

Tilly Ramsay, the daughter of celebrity chef extraordinaire Gordon Ramsay, has been distinguishing herself among the other celebrities and culinary talents who are competing on this season's "MasterChef Australia." That Tilly would possess impressive kitchen talent shouldn't be at all surprising given that it's thought to partly be passed on through one's genes, according to Science Focus. On the other hand, talent can also be acquired and nurtured through exposure and training, and where better to acquire what it takes to become a talented, world-famous chef than at the feet of a world-famous chef and restaurateur such as Gordon Ramsay? 

The thing is, it would appear that Tilly Ramsay has spent little to no time at all learning from her dad and his colleagues in the most prestigious restaurants that comprise the Ramsay restaurant empire. (In other words, the ones that have earned Michelin stars, aka the "hallmark of fine dining," according to the Institute of Culinary Education). On an episode of "MasterChef Australia" that aired on November 14, 2021, Tilly revealed that she has never been welcome in her dad's Michelin-starred restaurants. Read on as we unpack why Tilly isn't "allowed" in Gordon Ramsay's Michelin-starred restaurants and what that has meant for Tilly growing up as the child of a celebrity chef. 

Gordon Ramsay wanted his kids to grow up with the best possible values

On Sunday night's episode of "MasterChef Australia," Tilly Ramsay surprised viewers when she admitted that she had been to only one of her father's Michelin-starred restaurants — and only once. The question that is seemingly on everyone's mind now is, "Why would Gordon Ramsay not allow his children to dine at his Michelin-starred restaurants?" Hasn't he at least heard of "Take Your Daughter To Work Day"?

As it turns out, the elder Ramsay has had only the best parenting intentions in this regard. In a 2017 Reddit AMA, Gordon explained that he has done what he could to keep his children grounded despite his own enormous fame and success. And that included keeping his kids shielded from these restaurants, where he feared they would be "waited hand and foot on" simply because of who their father is (via HELLO!). "There was no way on earth that I was ever going to introduce to them that level of food and be served by twenty waiters," Ramsay explained at the time. "I need to protect them and respect the restaurant and team in my restaurant."

"I made them as normal as possible," Ramsay added. Indeed, he believes that Tilly and her siblings possess an admirable "work ethic" thanks to his decision.