Trader Joe's Fans Eat These Non-Single-Serve Foods In One Sitting

Let's be honest: The serving size on some foods is just insane. There's no way someone can reasonably expect a person to only eat three Oreos or 12 almonds (yes, that's the recommended serving size for those healthy nuts). The serving size for Cheetos is only 21 cheesy pieces, and most granolas recommend only having a ¼ cup (via BuzzFeed). Some of them are also really difficult to follow, which is why we don't blame these Trader Joe's fans at all for eating all of a particular food rather than adhering to the serving size guidelines. Following the serving size for some things can be insanely difficult, especially when they're so teeny (2 tablespoons of hummus? That's like one chip's worth!) These fans fess up to some of the items that they regularly ignore the serving size for, and it's funny to see how many of them are eating the same things.

Why is the serving size for ravioli only 4 pieces?

A recent Reddit thread is full of different Trader Joe's items that people admit to eating by the bag or container. The moderator, user nuggetsofchicken, listed a few of their favorites, including the frozen orange chicken, the olive tapenade, Lacey's cookies, and the loaded potato casserole. User IntoTheMystic1 added in the pumpkin cobbler and the garlic and pesto pizza, which others agreed with. 

User LightningLilac said they regularly eat all of the ravioli, saying, "It's so hard to only eat like 4 or 5," which is the recommended serving. Timid_Teacher chimed in on this, adding that "the honey pumpkin ravioli serving size is 4, and it's ridiculous." Those with a sweet tooth, like user solarbaby614, say that peanut butter cups are their weakness. "I sat down to watch a movie and only intended to eat one or two. Two hours later, I reached down into the package and realized there weren't anymore." Others chimed in to agree, which we can totally understand — Trader Joe's peanut butter cups should come with a warning. 

Frankly, a lot of the chain's food is delicious, and it's probably worth forgoing the crazy small portion sizes altogether as it seems lots of people are simply enjoying the whole package. What do you think, Trader Joe's — is it time to update the labels?