Trader Joe's Shoppers Can't Wait To Try Its New Pumpkin Cobbler

As all die-hard Trader Joe's fans know fall isn't just about Halloween, Thanksgiving, or the changing weather at their favorite grocery store. In autumn, the whole season turns into a celebration in its own right as new pumpkin products start gracing the shelves. While the grocer announced the beginning of the pumpkin product season on its website back in early September with promises of new options and returning favorites every single day of the season, shoppers know that the celebrations are still in full swing and that they have to keep an eye out for the latest pumpkin-inspired foods to try.

The newest option is a pumpkin cobbler that is getting some serious attention from Trader Joe's fans on Instagram. One account dedicated to spreading the word about new products from the grocer announced the cobbler's arrival in a post that described the dessert's layers of pumpkin filling that include delicious streusel and a buttery pecan crumble topping. The description and recommendation to serve it with a scoop of ice cream is sure to get your mouth watering. 

What you need to know about Trader Joe's new pumpkin cobbler

The new Trader Joe's pumpkin cobbler with butter pecan crumble has just arrived and is a must try for fans of the grocery store's autumn celebration of all things pumpkin. The Instagram account @traderjoesfoodreviews gave the new dessert a rating of 9/10, comparing the flavors to pumpkin pie and cookie dough. The cobbler can be found in the baked goods section near the bread and has a retail price of $4.99. The nutritional facts list a quarter of the cobbler as a serving suggestion that came in at 300 calories and is made with milk, wheat, egg, and pecan.

In the comments, shoppers started to get excited and proclaimed how much they needed to try the cobbler, while tagging the friends they wanted to share it with. One was reminded of a cobbler they ate when they were a child. Another was so excited to see the suggestion before their trip to Trader Joe's, so they could keep their eye out when they were in the store. The new pumpkin cobbler at Trader Joe's is definitely getting fans of the store and its pumpkin products excited. If you find yourself in the grocery store's aisles while the cobbler is still in stock, it's worth checking out and giving it a try.