Aldi Shoppers Can't Wait To Get Their Hands On These Goat Cheese Dips

Need a new dip for your charcuterie board this Thanksgiving? Aldi has you covered with a new line of products it has in stores. The Instagram account @adventuresinaldi posted a picture of assorted goat cheese dips from Vermont Creamery on November 16. Shortly after, people in the comments were fanning over all three varieties, which were the classic, garlic and herb, and red pepper and lemon.

"I got the red pepper and lemon one and it's SO good," user @tramljak11 wrote. Another follower, @aejduncan, commented, "The classic is soooo good especially with a sliced apple."

In the caption of the picture, @adventuresinaldi wrote, "I feel like you either love or hate goat cheese, there's no in between!" While goat cheese has a distinct flavor that might drive some people away, it's also full of vitamins and protein. Still, you can't deny that this product still looks pretty worthwhile. Maybe under the guise of a dip, this new Aldi goodie will win even the most fervent goat cheese hater over.

How to use the dip

Vermont Creamery, which produces the dip, said that this product is best used for "hurried family gatherings, game day entertaining, after school snacking, and packed lunches, picnics, or road trips." In the classic variety, the only ingredients are goats' milk, salt, and enzymes, with additional spices added in the other two flavors (via Vermont Creamery). In terms of texture, the company's website describes it as "smooth and creamy and ready to take center stage at snack time."

Though, that isn't to say that you can't dress this dip up for holiday occasions. As the days get colder and with Thanksgiving readily approaching, how good does it sound to be curled up by the fire, with a bottle of wine and cheese and crackers to enjoy? You might want to grab a few of those $3.59, 5-ounce tubs because we already know that these will be a hit at your next family gathering. To Aldi we go!