The Thanksgiving Day Classic That 35% Of People Would Never Eat Again

When it comes to Thanksgiving and mandatory family time, there's a lot to cringe about. Maybe it's the truth behind the classic tale of Thanksgiving and how it's been taught. Maybe it's that relative who cracks the same joke every year about your job, or the political conversations that drive you over the edge. And more than likely, a small part of it is that dish — you know the one — that you'll offend an aunt over if you don't partake, one that makes your skin crawl and your palms sweat.

Well, it turns out you're not alone — not by a long shot. And we have the last word on the least-liked Thanksgiving dishes. Mashed conducted a survey of 555 people around the country and asked them which Thanksgiving day classic they'd never eat again if they could give it up. The results are revealing. You really don't like your veggies, do you, America?

Here's the Thanksgiving dish people would give up gladly

We won't be blowing anyone's minds here — it's no surprise that only 8.29 percent of respondents would give up mashed potatoes, or 12.25 percent the stuffing (you might say it's the queen of the Thanksgiving spread). The winner for most "meh" was — wait for it — green bean casserole, nominated for exclusion by 35.5 percent of respondents. That sometimes soupy, mostly overcooked mess of limp legumes does not have a huge fan following, and honestly, it doesn't come as a shock. It wouldn't be pushing it to say green bean casserole features on most tables as an obligatory vegetable among its protein- and carb-heavy compatriots. A surprising 17.12 percent would ditch turkey, and 13.87 percent said pie.

But an intriguing "other" category, comprising 4.5 percent, offered up more obscure rejects of the Thanksgiving spread. Not surprisingly, cranberry sauce and cranberry items were strong contenders. Other people cited sweet potatoes, plus ham, oyster dressing (wow!), and even dinner rolls. Thanksgiving foods to pass on wouldn't be complete without a "jello mold" thrown in the mix and, of course, "That mystery salad a family member brings over." You know the one. Be done with it, once and for all.