Costco's Stroopwafels Are The Perfect Pairing For Coffee Or Tea

Dessert lovers are probably familiar with the stroopwafel, a sweet snack that is a great pick when you're drinking a piping hot beverage like tea or coffee. According to the Dutch Review, this Dutch snack is made up of two waffles that are "pressed flat" with the help of a pizzelle iron. The cookie is crispy on the outside and rather gooey when you bite into it. 

A fan of the dessert wrote about a simple trick on Reddit that can make the snack even better. "The secret is to take the stroopwafel and place it over a steaming cup of tea/coffee ... it gets all warm and gooey and even more delicious," the person wrote. Per another commentator, one more trick is to pop it into the microwave for five seconds for instant delicious results.

If you like stroopwafels as well, here's something you should know. Costco shoppers have spotted delicious packs of stroopwafels at the store (via Instagram).

Shoppers love them

An Instagram user recently posted a few photos of the Original Caramel Stroopwafels from Le Chic Patissier that they found at a Costco outlet. Per the images in the post, each pack is currently priced at $6.49, and currently on sale until November 21. "The [snack is] great for a sweet treat with hot coffee or tea. They come in packs of 10 so it's easy to share with friends or family," the caption noted. 

A commentator wrote that the stroopwafels are indeed very good in terms of flavor. They have a caramel filling and are described as "fresh, chewy, and sweet." According to Costcuisine, the reviews in the past from customers have been rather promising as well. A reviewer wrote, "I've tried these without warming them and with warming them, and either way they're delicious. The waffle cookie tastes like an elevated waffle ice cream cone."