Top-Chef Fans Think Padma Lakshmi Is Low-Key Meaner Than Gordon Ramsay

For the longest time, "Hell's Kitchen" star Gordon Ramsay has been recognized as the meanest man in the culinary world. Head over to YouTube and you'll find compilations of the Brit's most brutal insults from his series, ranging from calling people farm animals to straight-up telling folks to give up on their cooking career. To have your food reviewed by Ramsay is to walk directly into a burning building — there's a chance you'll make it out okay, but even if you do, you're not going to leave unscathed. However, while the thought of a red-faced Ramsay throwing your food on the ground is likely to send you cowering into your cupboard, one Twitter user recently pointed out another famous foodie who might be even more cutthroat than Ramsay when it comes to their criticism: "Top Chef" host Padma Lakshmi.

"Hell's kitchen is NOT as mean as Top Chef," wrote user @communistbabe. They then explained the difference between the two judges' styles, writing, "Gordon Ramsay will say 'this is sh**' but Padma Lakshmi will stand there looking hotter than any human has the right to look and say, 'Your dish, does it taste like sh**.. on purpose?' thereby killing you instantly." "Top Chef" fans agreed with the assessment. One pointed out in the replies that Lakshmi also "doesn't even lose an iota of hotness while she decimates their souls," implying the judge's ability to keep her composure without having to yell makes her seem even more sinister. 

Lakshmi's criticism is more direct and specific

Another reason why fans agree Padma Lakshmi is such a savage is because her criticism is so pointed. Sure, Gordon Ramsay may curse and call you names, but the "Top Chef" host will question your intentions as if you have some inner moral failing. "Did you mean for it to be cold and room temperature?" wrote one Twitter user, referencing  Lakshmi's comments on the show as evidence. "Did you fail at cooking a good dish or succeed at cooking something sh****?" another added. She's not angry — she's disappointed, which is somehow so much worse.

Of course, while watching the "Top Chef" host crush someone's soul with a straight face is definitely quality entertainment, it seems clear she isn't mean just for the shock value. After all, when you're judging a cooking competition, you have to ensure people know exactly what they're doing wrong so that it doesn't happen again. In any case, fans are here for her fierce critiques. "She can be so mean I love it," remarked one user. Another kept it blunt by tagging the famed foodie and writing, "It would be an HONOR if you insulted me like that" (via Twitter).

Lakshmi doesn't seem bothered by being referred to as a mean judge, either. In response to the original tweet, the cookbook author replied with three skull emoji and a cheeky gif of herself captioned, "Think about that for a second." Packing up our knives now!