Taco Bell's Fan-Favorite Mexican Pizza May Return Around This Time

It's always sad when a favorite fast food item suddenly disappears from the menu. It happens regularly with the famous McDonald's McRib sandwich, though it always comes back eventually, and it happened with Taco Bell's iconic Mexican Pizza. But there's new evidence that Taco Bell's Mexican Pizza is coming back.

The Mexican Pizza was first introduced in 1985. It featured a crisp "pizza shell" tostada covered in seasoned ground beef and refried beans, topped with another tostada smothered in spicy "pizza" sauce, a three-cheese blend, and diced tomatoes (via Taco Bell).

Unfortunately, the iconic dish was discontinued in November 2020. The brand announced that it was streamlining its menu, which meant discontinuing the Mexican Pizza and several other items, according to The Takeout. Another reason it was removed from the menu was that its packaging, a paperboard box, generated 7 million pounds of trash each year (via Taco Bell).

But the company may have come up with a more eco-friendly solution. There are rumors afloat that the Taco Bell Mexican Pizza is coming back, and unlike that recent fake Reddit ad, the latest news seems to be quite serious.

When is Mexican Pizza coming back?

According to Taco Bell fan site Living Más, at a recent Taco Bell franchise convention the Vice President and COO of Taco Bell said those six special words: "We're bringing back the Mexican Pizza."

Taco Bell COO Mike Grams and Chief Food Innovation Officer Liz Matthews were even captured in a video talking about all of the delicious possibilities. In the video transcript, there's talk of a double cheesy Mexican Pizza, a spicy chorizo Mexican Pizza, a bacon ranch Mexican pizza, and even a sweet cinnamon sugar and chocolate ganache Mexican pizza. That might have just been an epic brainstorming session, but even so, they ended with the announcement that Mexican Pizza is returning.

The question is when. On the Living Más subreddit, a verified Taco Bell employee said that the Mexican Pizza is expected to return in April or May of 2022. Currently, supply chain issues are preventing the restaurant from bringing it back sooner. We'll have to wait for an official announcement from Taco Bell before we're certain the Mexican Pizza is coming back, but the evidence for its return does seem to be mounting.