Why Some Taco Bell Fans Think Its Popular Mexican Pizza May Return

Taco Bell has created some truly iconic food items in the past, such as its famous Mexican Pizza. According to Restaurant Business Online, this dish was launched in 1988 with the promising tagline: "it's like pizza, but it's different." The menu item basically had a couple of tortilla shells that were filled with beans and ground beef along with toppings like cheese, tomatoes, salsa, and onions. Much to the disappointment of many customers, the brand decided to get rid of the iconic dish during the pandemic.

This was, to put it simply, painful for many fans and they couldn't help but hope for its return. They even started a petition to bring it back. Someone expressed plenty of love for the menu item on Twitter and wrote, "Remember when @tacobell had the #mexicanpizza? Those were good times." Sigh.

Well, fans are clearly not over the loss of their beloved pizza. However, there is a glimmer of hope — someone on Reddit indicated last week that the dish may return. 

The 'Taco Bell ad' is a little suspicious

What exactly happened? Well, a Redditor put up an image of what looked like an advertisement that claims the return of the Mexican Pizza in October. While the update seemed uplifting, commentators noticed that the image didn't even seem legitimate. The top-rated comment read, "Don't do this. Don't give me hope ... this is fake ... I had that memory of sweet taste of Mexican pizza in my mouth and you just ripped it away from me again." 

As someone else said, there were some obvious errors in the copy. For example, "ranch" was spelled incorrectly as "rance." Another fan said that if the item really does make a comeback, they'll buy the Mexican Pizza in bulk and freeze them "to stock up." Can't blame them, eh? Another comment echoed what many Taco Bell fans have been feeling for a while, reading, "I'm honestly really sad it's not true."