Instagram Is Divided Over This Apple Pie Tip

The holiday season is upon us, and for many that means the next two months will be filled with lots and lots of baking. After all, 'tis the season to indulge in a variety of festive sweets and desserts, and few things are better than enjoying a homemade pie after a holiday feast. However, even the most talented home baker is bound to run into a snag or two over the course of the season. 

One common frustration many people seem to face is ending up with that dreaded gap between the filling and the crust when baking an apple pie. This gap is usually caused when the natural liquid is drained out of the apples during the baking process, according to the Detroit Free Press, causing them to shrink and lose their shape and leaving behind a soggy crust and unappealing space. However, the website Cook's Illustrated recently made an Instagram post telling their followers the trick to avoiding this unwanted phenomenon this holiday baking season. "Precooking sliced apples is a simple fix to avoid the gap between apples and crust in your apple pie," they advised — though their recommendation got mixed responses.

Some followers argued this tip makes the pie mushy

Many of Cook's Illustrated Instagram followers were quick to agree that this simple trick was the key to making perfect, gap-free apple pies every time. "Precook so you can double the 'normal' amount of apples and still get yourself a well-baked pie," one person agreed, while another user added, "Also, [there are] no soggy bottoms if you precook." Others said they precooked all of their fruit-based pies, not just the apple kind, for the best results.

However, other Instagram users were adamant that the only thing this tip would accomplish would be turning their apple pie into a mushy, soggy mess. "Been there, done that. Apple sauce pie," replied one person. "I'd rather have the gap than mushy apples," agreed another follower. "Sorry, but I beg to differ! I've never precooked my apples, and I've never had the top crust gap at all!" chimed in another baker. 

It seems as though the type of apple that is used also plays a big part in whether or not this trick is a success or a mess, as one person explained: "Use an apple that maintains its shape, like Granny [Smith]. I use a mix of Gala and Granny." So, although some bakers seemed willing to give this trick a try the next time they whip up the baked good, others remained staunchly opposed to this hotly debated apple pie advice.