Jamie Oliver Is Rocking Instagram's World With This Coffee Negroni

It's the holiday season and Jamie Oliver knows that sometimes people want to kick back, relax, and enjoy a cocktail. That might especially hold true during this time of year. Per MarketWatch, VitalSmarts conducted a survey and found 56% of respondents felt that "just keeping up" with everything the holiday season entails was too much to deal with. Another 20% of people who participated said they have a shorter fuse and feel crabbier during the season of gift-giving and parties. Enter Oliver and his liquid concoction.

The celebrity chef took to Instagram to share his recipe for a coffee Negroni, and it has folks wanting to mix up this brew ASAP. Not familiar with this adult beverage? Per MyRecipes, the coffee Negroni is a more sophisticated take on Red Bull mixed with vodka, which some of us might have drunk during late-night outings as college-aged adults. The coffee Negroni takes the same basic elements – caffeine and alcohol – but with the added benefit of blending Campari's fruitiness with coffee's texture. It sounds like the perfect drink if you are looking for a flavorful adult drink, and "The Naked Chef" is showing you how to craft your own. As a bonus, with the holidays coming up, you'll have something to sip on after you're all done basting the turkey, baking the pumpkin and pecan pies, and entertaining your family and friends. So, is Oliver's recipe awesome? Instagram seems to think so.

The recipe is in Oliver's new book

Jamie Oliver shared on Instagram, "Coffee negroni time!! From my brand new book 'Together' which has a whole chapter dedicated to cocktails including this one!! 'The Wonder of Cocktails'. Happy Friday lovely lot." Oliver combines gin, Campari, and sweet vermouth with a bit of limoncello and coffee. It's memorizing to watch him mix the alcohol together and brew the coffee before he mixes them all together and pours this cocktail into a glass with ice. He also encouraged followers to add his book to their Christmas shopping list as they start thinking about Black Friday. 

The video post has more than 19,000 likes and generated a lot of chatter from his followers. One fan wrote, "Coffee and negroni, my 2 most [favorite] things in the world! (Including my children)," while another shared, "Wow! I have to try it! Looks amazing." And still, another read our thoughts, writing, "Whaaaat, put the negroni through the coffee??? Mind. Blown." Of course, if you are going to drink a coffee Negroni, please drink responsibly, but definitely enjoy it.