Your Favorite McFlurry Is Making A Comeback

There's no denying that all McFlurry desserts are delicious, but we all have a favorite flavor we go back to every time. If yours was the Rolo McFlurry, chances are, your heart's been broken since they took it off the menu in 2012. According to press release from McDonald's, it's back as of today — but not for long. It's only here through the summer and will hit the road again on Sept. 11. 

This return of the fan favorite dessert comes on the heels of the chain's news that they've nearly completed their transition to a new vanilla soft serve that's free of artificial flavors — it was already made without artificial colors and preservatives. Though the change was announced in the fall of 2016, it took a while to transition more than 14,000 restaurants. The update to their ice cream is part of a larger overhaul to the menu in an effort to help customers feel better about eating fast food. In recent years, McDonald's has removed artificial preservatives from chicken McNuggets, promised to use fresh, made-to-order beef in all Quarter Pounders by 2018, and vowed to only use cage-free eggs by 2025.

While many of those changes are still forthcoming, the Rolo McFlurry is here as of May 24, 2017. Head to your nearest McD's for a taste of that sweet caramel and chocolate concoction while you can!