Michael Symon's Simple Solution To Pots Boiling Over

Pasta and rice are two key pantry staples that are quick and easy to transform into a delicious dinner. However, just because the starchy foods are fairly simple to whip up doesn't mean that making them can go off without a hitch. Turning your back on either dish as they cook on the stove, even for just a minute, can easily land you with a scorching hot watery mess to clean up due to your pot boiling over, which might be even more annoying than accidentally overcooking your meal. According to Home Cook World, this happens because starch molecules in the water expand in the presence of heat, creating bubbles that eventually pop, leading to a layer of white foam on top of the water. That foam prevents steam from escaping, which causes the water to rise and eventually spill over if you don't keep a watchful eye on your pot as the cooking process goes on.

No need to feel bad if you've let a pot or two boil over before. It's something we've all probably done more than a few times in our lives, though that doesn't mean it isn't preventable, either. Twitter user @tyler_brisson noticed that overflowing pots are a rare occurrence on cooking shows, leading them to request Food Network star Michael Symon's help finding a solution.

A bigger pot might be the answer

When you have a question about cooking, it is best to present it to the experts, which is why Twitter user @tyler_brisson turned to chef Michael Symon for help with preventing pots from boiling over. "@chefsymon Hey chef, question I've always wanted to know for a while. When I cook rice or pasta the water always wants to boil over when covered. I don't see that happening on cooking shows ... is it size of pot? Thanks," they tweeted on November 20. The "BBQ Brawl" star quickly wrote back with an answer. "I don't cover," the tatted chef began his response, but he didn't stop there (via Twitter). "Also prob need a bigger pot..or cook smaller batches."

At first read, Symon's solution may almost seem too simple, but his response was actually full of great advice. According to Gizmodo, covering your pot while cooking rice or pasta will actually speed up the boiling-over process, so keeping it uncovered is definitely the way to go. Using a bigger pot is also an easy way to prevent accidental overflow, as it will give that layer of foam more room to grow without spilling over the edge. Therefore, if cleaning up sticky, starchy water from the surface of your stove is the bane of your existence, make sure to use these tricks from Iron Chef Symon to avoid your pots from boiling over like a pro.