This Hungry SNL Dog Has Won The Hearts Of The Internet

"Saturday Night Live" has a long history of including animals in their sketches. According to Decider, the weekly comedy sketch show has had memorable appearances from many animal actors over the years, including an interview with Mrs. Ed, the wife of famous horse Mr. Ed, in 1979, or that unscripted cat attack in a 2017 bit called "Whiskers R We." A new sketch in a recent episode of "SNL" now has the potential to join the ranks of these other great segments featuring the animal kingdom.

In a bit titled "New Military Weapon" that aired on Saturday, November 20, a golden retriever joined "Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings" star Simu Liu in a hilarious piece that showed when dogs are matched with food, anything goes (via Mashable). Liu portrays an Army general showing off his newest weapon — a dog-headed soldier — and the image almost immediately causes the rest of the cast to start laughing. Things truly go off the rails, however, after the golden retriever actor starts eating food off the floor in the middle of the scene, making for an unscripted piece of comedy that audiences won't soon forget. As The Mary Sue says, "Dog-Head Man is now our God."

The internet can't get enough of this SNL skit

Plenty of other social media denizens can't get enough of the sketch, as seen on Twitter. One person responded with, "Delighted they're making the 'dog-head man' a recurring sketch. it's adorable and makes them crack up." And another person chimed in, saying, "This was probably the best skit in a very long time. Loved it." Another Twitter follower replied to the gag with, "OMG I'm in love with Dog-Head Man! Can't wait for the movie," while another Tweet read, "Hope with the spare parts they make man-head dog."

Keep your fingers crossed that "SNL" truly decides to keep making variations on this sketch, and given the intense approval, expect to see even more animal-food hijinks on the show in the future (which means the chance to see more off-script animal acting that can make any professional comedian start breaking character). Until that day comes, though, keep watching the sketch on loop and enjoy the unpredictability of letting a golden retriever around a loose sandwich.