SNL Perfectly Summed Up The Most Awkward Part Of Dinner With Friends

If there's a single phrase that can make saying goodbye to those last sweet rays of summer just a little bit easier, it might just be "Live from New York, it's Saturday Night!" Fans of "Saturday Night Live" who tuned in for the 47th season premiere saw actor Owen Wilson make his first appearance as host of the long-running sketch comedy show (via Pop Culture). Wilson's appearance at 30 Rock comes just ahead of the release of Wes Anderson's movie, "The French Dispatch," in which Wilson plays a travel columnist.

One cut-for-time sketch that didn't make it into Saturday night's lineup but is worth a watch is called "Splitting the Check" (via Youtube). In the skit Wilson appears in a restaurant dining room, seated at a table, surrounded by five friends played by smartly dressed cast members. When the check inevitably arrives, Cecily Strong's character looks it over and asks the group "How should we do this?" The resulting conversation is all-too-relatable.

Splitting the check can be brutal

A pleasant dinner with friends can quickly become more than a shade uncomfortable when the bill arrives. As "SNL"'s skit comically illustrates, a number of solutions are available, like the one Alex Moffat's character offers: "I mean I guess I could put it on my card," or Wilson's suggestion: "If it's easier, we can just split it six ways" (via TODAY). But, we all know the problem with the latter proposition without Strong ever having to inform us: "Well, some people had more than others" (via YouTube).

It turns out, Wilson's character ordered the majority of items on the bill including an Arnold Palmer with tequila, a 98-ounce porterhouse steak, a dozen raw eggs still in the container, and flat-iron pork chops, which he hilariously defends with "Wait, that I ordered for the table," before promptly admitting he "probably did eat the lion's share of it." Luckily, an abrupt twist in the skit grants viewers a much-needed reprieve from the weight of all that awkwardness.

The skit got the attention of TODAY hosts Jenna Bush Hager and Savannah Guthrie who discussed it on their show. Guthrie revealed her thoughts on the uneasy situation: "Either do halfsies or just say 'I'll buy this time, you buy next time,'" she said. Another option Guthrie recommended is to let one person pay and have the other guest reimburse their share via Venmo. Let's just hope all of our Venmo friends are a little more forthcoming with what they ordered than Wilson's character was!