The Best Black Friday Food And Kitchen Deals For 2021

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We have entered the most confused marketing week of the year. Thanksgiving is on Thursday. Christmas, despite being a month away, has already been pounding its wares for all. For many, though, the highlight lies between the two where outrageous deals can be found on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

For Mashed readers, the period marks the chance to restock food and food processing equipment without having to forgo the bounties of the two food-centric holidays. And companies know this and are willing to play along. Of course, these days, as NBC News reports, Black Friday has become more of an amorphous state of savings than a defined day determined to undermine the thankful party of Thanksgiving. Cyber Monday is merely the most established of these expansions. So which businesses are offering deals, and for what periods of time? That will be answered below as we list both the best deals for Black Friday and share when these deals will be taking place.


After trying to hack your way through a turkey or eyeing the nice pot in which your neighbor boiled the sweet potatoes that were destined for mashing, you might feel deprived in the kitchenwares department. But worry not. Misen already instituted a site-wide discount of 25% on November 19. This discount, which they stress is the higher than any other discount they offer in the year, will last until the Eastern Standard end of Monday November 29. However, the discount does not apply to Misen's preorder products. Still, you have plenty of time to deck your kitchen for the next batch of holiday meals.

Eastern Standard Provisions

Eastern Standard Provisions, an artisanal snack food company, is another company that has a pre-existing discount that is set to end on Cyber Monday. Since midnight on November 22, they have reduced the prices of their holiday gift boxes by 50%.

These gift boxes include the Holly Jolly Gift Box, which contains an array of signature pretzel products, the Comfort and Joy Gift Box, which includes mustard and salts, the Gourmet Liège Belgian Waffle Gift Box with the aforementioned Belgian waffles and a variety of sauces and toppings, and the More the Merrier Gift Box that packs as many pretzels, mustards, and salts as possible into the box. All these are discounted with the code BFCM50. According to their official website, these foods will thaw in transit but can be refrozen for up to 12 months.

Vahdam India

In another example of how the specificity of Black Friday and Cyber Monday have become irrelevant, Vahdam India has instituted a 60% discount on all orders of at least $60. The discount also comes with an unspecified free gift.

Do you need turmeric, whole cloves, or cumin seeds? How about a tea selection that includes options like cardamon, matcha green tea powder, or assam? With a discount of $36 off of $60, now is the time to splurge and refill your cabinets with hygge-inducing aromatics. If you are dithering, though, don't worry. The discount will last until December 6.


If you are reading this article, you are probably aware of the cooking trend that has blown up in recent years: Air frying. If you are aware of this fad and are still bereft of an actual air fryer, Target's deal could be the ticket you need to immerse yourself in the latest literal kitchen explosion. Until Saturday, you can purchase the PowerXL 10qt Dual Basket Air Fryer in black for half the price. That's $99.99 instead of the usual $199.99. That's twice the air frying for half the price. 

How worth it is the deal? Well, the device currently boasts an average of 4.3 stars. Just don't place you newly bought on a stove top while showing it off to friends. Because if you do, the fire department might learn about it as well.


Compared to all of the price slashing this article shares, IKEA's discount is a relatively modest affair. Less Freddy Krueger and more Fred Jones from Scooby Doo. Instead, their explicit focus of their Black Friday is a Green Friday, which they describe on their website as highlighting sustainability.

Putting how successful their efforts are to the side, their Green Friday also offers discounts on some of their food offerings. From November 26 through November 28, IKEA will sell Sjörapport (salmon fillet), Huvudroll (salmon and cod balls), plant-based Huvudroll, and Påtår coffee sourced from Rainforest Alliance and UTZ approved places for 20% off.

Bed, Bath, and Beyond

If you're shopping around for a new water filter, Bed, Bath, and Beyond is offering a ZeroWater water filter for 57% off. In real terms, this means you have to pay $15, not $34.99. The deal is set to last through November 27. It should be noted though that the company stresses it will not accept its copious coupons for any products with a Black Friday discount. The price they ask is the price they will accept.

Best Buy

Best Buy is featuring some impressive sales for Black Friday 2021 on kitchen appliances. The company website is advertising savings of up to $650 on refrigerators from brands like LG, Samsung, and Whirlpool. It also lists deals for ovens, microwaves, and dishwashers.

The most exciting sale at the store for home cooks, however, might be on KitchenAid appliances. Best Buy is selling the brand at seriously discounted prices — think $219.99 instead of $499 for a KitchenAid stand mixer (via Best Buy).