Why Martha Stewart's Peacocks Are Literally Jumping For Joy

Martha Stewart has issued a new update on her beloved pet peacocks — she shared a video on Instagram showing her bird party strutting about her orchard and occasionally hopping for low-hanging crab apples. "The newly liberated and seemingly so much happier and social peacocks and hens are foraging everywhere for everything," Stewart wrote in the post.

People gushed over the stunning creatures and the joyful video, with the word "beautiful" frequently popping up in the comments section. "They are also celebrating being peacocks/hens rather than turkeys," one follower joked, referencing the impending Thanksgiving holiday.

Stewart's new post follows an announcement she also just posted on the social platform in which she explained that, after keeping the fab birds in an enclosure for two years, she would now let them roam freely around the half-acre farm. That is, she said, "Until they have to return at twilight to their secure Palais for the night when the wild predators make the rounds of the chicken coops, pigeon house, and geese yard." Evidently, the first thing the peacocks wanted to do upon gaining their freedom was to nosh on Stewart's ripe crab apples.

Martha Stewart has an incredible 21 pet peacocks

If there is one thing to take away from all of this, it's that Martha Stewart loves her peacocks. In fact, it might explain why, amongst the more expected articles on the Martha Stewart website, you occasionally find apparently random peacock articles like one describing how the species existed in the Cretaceous period.

What really is impressive about her love for the fantastic fowls, though, is the sheer number she keeps. On May 15, The New York Post published an article about the rigors of peacock-owning. In it, they made passing mention that the Martha Stewart owns 16 herself.

Martha Stewart, though, had to clarify. "The NY Post again 'fake news,'" she Tweeted. "They have a story on peacocks today and say I have 16 on my farm. I actually have 21 of these glorious birds whose house is impeccable." She continued to disagree with the negative points the article described about having peacocks. "They do not smell. They are so clean! Their voices are loud but such fun to hear. They are so friendly." 

And her fans were quick to praise Stewart after she posted about liberating the animals, allowing them to roam free on her property. "Oh, they are SO HAPPY! All this makes me smile," one person wrote.