Instagram Is Applauding Martha Stewart For Liberating Her Peacocks

Celebrity chef Martha Stewart has been in the news for several reasons. One of the most interesting ones? Her beautiful peacocks. According to a report by The Cut, she has taken care of 21 peacocks at a time. She loves animals and reportedly has looked after hundreds of pets, which means that she likely knows all the tricks. She once revealed that she sometimes brings home more pets for her pets to make sure that they do not feel alone.

Also, she cares deeply about her pets, too. On her website, there is an entire section dedicated to pets, which is useful for those who are looking for tips and tricks on keeping their furry companions as comfortable as possible. As it seems, Stewart walks the talk. She recently announced on Instagram that she has decided to free her peacocks and ensure that they are at ease in their surroundings.

She wants to keep them happy

Martha Stewart is currently getting a lot of praise from her fans on Instagram thanks to her latest update. "Finally the peacocks and Peahens are liberated!!! Having been confined for two years in a half acre enclosure, I decided to grant them daylight freedom," she wrote. She further explained that they can now relax on the farm until they get back to the "palais" for the night. As far as the chef is concerned, her pets are extremely friendly, approachable, and clean. She called them beautiful as well and said that "they are welcome everywhere." 

Her fans are really pleased with this update. "Oh, they are SO HAPPY! All this makes me smile," a commentator wrote. Another Instagram user said that they loved peacocks as a baby, and it's lovely to see Stewart's pets strutting around freely in their space. Another fan really wants to get some pet peacocks as well.