The One Dish Marc Murphy Will Never Eat

Celebrity chef Marc Murphy is a respected icon in the culinary industry who has created a niche for himself. According to Total Food, Murphy was exposed to good food early on and had the opportunity to sample both Italian and French food when he was a kid, since he grew up in Europe.

He also had the chance to sample delicious dishes at home, as per Love of Food. "Both my grandmother and mother were amazing chefs," he said. When he became a professional chef, he started working with seasonal ingredients and experimenting in the kitchen as he figured out his own style. "I love using ingredients that are in season and finding surprising combinations that end up working great together," the chef explained. That said, even someone as adventurous as Murphy has his preferences in terms of food, and there is one particular dish that he simply does not like.

His answer is relatable

Per the Food Network, Marc Murphy simply doesn't like it when he's digging into a plate of liver that's overcooked, and he'll never eat that if he can help it. On the other hand, he loves eating spaghetti carbonara and can have it anytime, anywhere!

He also has one food item that he doesn't like working with. It's the infamous fruit called durian. "It's just a very strange ingredient to work with," Murphy said. Also, the chef doesn't mind unusual dishes. He once posted a photo of chicken sashimi on Twitter and called it delicious. Some of his fans were surprised.

A commentator wondered whether the chicken was carefully monitored to ensure that it's safe for consumption. They added, "that first bite must have been a little apprehensive!" Another fan tweeted that they simply can't stomach the idea of raw chicken and wouldn't be able to eat it themselves.